Composers Born in May

By | May 13, 2022

Celebrating Classical Composers born in May

There are quite a few classical composers born in May. We’ve listed here some of the ones featured on Read more about each one by clicking through to our blog posts.

Isaac Albeniz

Isaac Albéniz – 29 May 1860. Much of his work was based on Spanish folk music.

Black and white portrait of Michael Balfe sat at a desk writing
Michael Balfe

Michael Balfe – 15 May 1808. Particularly known for his operatic works.

Black and White photograph of Johannes Brahms in his later years
Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms – 7 May 1833. One of the masterful Three B’s.

Black and White Photograph of Thomas Fats Waller playing the piano aged thirty four
Thomas Fats Waller

Thomas Fats Waller – 21 May 1904. Famous jazz pianist and composer.

Black and White photograph of Gabriel Faure in his later years
Gabriel Fauré

Gabriel Fauré – 12 May 1845. His music influenced many 20th century composers.

Photo of Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Louis Moreau Gottschalk

Louis Moreau Gottschalk – 8 May 1829. A pianist as well as a composer.

A colour portrait of Marin Marais in 1704 in his late forties by Andre Buoys
Marin Marais

Marin Marais – 31 May 1656. A virtuoso of the viol.

Black & White Photograph of Jules Massenet in 1880 by Pierre Petit
Jules Massenet

Jules Massenet  – 12 May 1842. An operatic composer during the Romantic era.

Black and white photo of Eric Satie in his later years
Erik Satie

 Erik Satie – 17 May 1866. With his own unique style.

Black and White Photograph of Arthur Sullivan in 1888
Arthur Sullivan

Arthur Sullivan – 13 May 1842. Popular for his operettas with W.S. Gilbert.

Black and White Head & Shoulders Photograph of Richard Wagner in 1871
Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner – 22 May 1813. One of the most controversial and influential composers.

Of course these are just some of our top composers born in May but there other lists you can look at such as Classic Cat and Classical Net.

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