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Martini: Jean Paul Egide. Sheet Music and Biography

Martini Sheet Music Jean-Paul-Égide Martini (born 31 August 1741) was a composer of classical music.  Although, known as a French composer he was actually born in Bavaria, Germany. Sometimes he was known as Martini Il Tedesco or Giovanni Martini. This is not to be confused with Giovanni Battista Martini (especially when referring to Plaisir d’Armour). Life and Music Martini’s father was… Read More »

Rebikov: Vladimir. Sheet Music and Biography

Rebikov Sheet Music Vladimir Rebikov (born on 31 May 1866 (OS 19 May)) was a late-Romantic, twentieth-century Russian composer and pianist. His most famous piece within Russia is ‘The Christmas Tree’, which he wrote in 1901. You can see our small selection of arrangements of Rebikov’s ‘Shepherd Playing His Pipe’ on Life and Career Rebikov studied piano… Read More »

Pryor: Arthur. Sheet Music and Biography

Pryor Sheet Music Arthur Willard Pryor (born 22 September 1869*) was an American trombonist, bandleader/ conductor, and composer. His best-known compositions are ‘On Jersey Shore’, Queen Titania, and ‘The Whistler and His Dog’. He composed around three hundred works including novelties, marches, tone poems, and three light operas (Jinga Boo, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and On the Eve of… Read More »

Praetorius: Michael. Sheet Music and Biography

Praetorious Sheet Music Michael Praetorius (born Michael Schultheiss c.28 September 1571) was a German composer, music theorist and organist. On music-scores we have an arrangement of Praetorius’s Madrigale for a brass quartet. Life and Career He went to the University of Frankfurt an der Oder Between 1587 and 1590 he held the position of organist of St. Marien… Read More »

Pierné: Gabriel. Sheet Music and Biography

Pierné Sheet Music Gabriel Pierné (born Henri Constant Gabriel Pierné on 16 August 1863) was a French composer, organist, and conductor of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. We have a selection of his works on Early Life and Career Pierné showed talent from an early age probably inheriting his musical genes from his parents. His father… Read More »

Pezel: Johann Christoph. Sheet Music and Biography

Pezel Sheet Music Johann Christoph Pezel (born 5 Dec 1639) was a German composer, violinist and trumpeter. Pezel also identified himself using a variety of other names including Petzold, Petzel, Petzoldt, Bezel, Bezeld, Bezelius, and Pecelius. The latter caused some confusion with Czech musician Johannes Pecelius On we have a small selection of Pezel sheet music for… Read More »

Pernambuco: Joao. Sheet Music and Biography

Pernambuco Sheet Music Joao Pernambuco (born 2 Nov 1883) was a Brazilian guitarist and composer. He wrote a combination of waltzes, choros, and toadas (melodies), composing over one hundred pieces. His compositions include Luar do Sertão, Magoado and Pó de Mico. However, his choro Sons de Carilhôes (Sound of Bells) is known and played by guitarists around the world. We have a… Read More »

Pergolesi: Giovanni Battista. Sheet Music & Biography

Pergolesi Sheet Music Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (born 4 Jan 1710) was an Italian Baroque composer. His works extend from sacred music, operas, orchestral, to chamber music. His most famous works include Stabat Mater and the opera La serva padrona (The Maid Turned Mistress). We have a selection of Pergolesi sheet music including Stabat Mater arranged for different instruments… Read More »

Parry: Charles Hubert. Sheet Music and Biography

Parry Sheet Music Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (born 27 Feb 1848) was an English composer, historian of music, and teacher. He is famous for composing ‘Jerusalem’. This piece is often referred to as the second British national anthem. We have a small selection of Charles Parry Sheet Music on Life and Career Parry was born into… Read More »

Paradies: Pietro Domenico. Sheet Music and Biography

Paradies PD Sheet Music Pietro Domenico Paradies was born in Naples in 1707. He was an Italian harpsichordist and composer of the eighteenth century. However, he spent much of his career in London. He is famous for his Toccata which we have an arrangement of on Career Paradies moved to Venice in 1739 in order to gain a… Read More »