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Waldteufel: Émile. Sheet Music and Biography

Waldteufel Sheet Music Émile Waldteufel was a French composer born on 9 December 1837. Famous for writing over three hundred dances, over half of which were waltzes. A few of his most famous being The Skaters, Estudiantina, and Dolores. You can view Émile Waldteufel sheet music of The Skaters on Family Émile was born into a musical family, his… Read More »

Sullivan: Arthur. Sheet Music and Biography

Sullivan Sheet Music Sir Arthur Sullivan (born 13 May 1842) was an English composer. He is famous for his unique partnership composing operettas with Sir W.S. Gilbert including the Pirates of Penzance. We have a selection of arrangements of A Policemans Lot from the Pirates of Penzance on Education Arthur’s father was an Irish musician who became… Read More »

Villoldo: Ángel: 16 Feb 1861 – 14 Oct 1919

Introduction Ángel Villoldo was an Argentinian composer, lyricist and performer who was born in the south of Buenos Aires. He contributed to changing the global perception of the Tango. Career & Works Villoldo was a man of many talents who did various jobs to earn a living including circus clown, typographer, and cuarteador (leading horses along tricky pathways… Read More »

Victoria: Tomas Luis de: c.1548 – 27 Aug 1611

Introduction Tomas Luis de Victoria was a composer, organist, singer and Catholic priest, devoting himself to sacred music. Known to many as one of the best composers of the sixteenth century. His works include 44 motets, 21 masses, along with hymns, psalm setting, four offices of the dead, many Magnificats and music for Holy Week. Requiem was his… Read More »

Veracini: Francesco Maria: 1 Feb 1690 – 31 Oct 1768

Introduction Francesco Maria Veracini (born 1 February 1690) was an Italian composer and violinist best known for his sonatas. Quite surprisingly though, half of his output was vocal. He was one of the leading violinists of his time in the eighteenth century. Early Life Veracini was born in Florence. His father was an undertaker and pharmacist, however, the… Read More »

Vecsey: Franz von: 23 March 1893 – 5 April 1935

Introduction Franz von Vecsey was a classical Hungarian virtuoso violinist and composer, born at the end of the nineteenth century. Early Life & Career He came from a musical background his uncle being a famous violinist and his father his initial teacher. At the age of eight, Jeno Hubay took over his studies. Vecsey was recognised as a… Read More »

Telemann: Georg Philipp. Sheet Music and Biography

Telemann Sheet Music Georg Philipp Telemann was born on March 14th 1681 in Magdeburg, Germany. He was a composer of the late Baroque period writing church compositions, sacred and secular music. You can see our sheet music collection of Telemann’s pieces on the site. He was one of the most prolific major composers, writing in excess of three… Read More »

Wolf: Hugo: 13 March 1860 – 22 Feb 1903

Introduction Hugo Wolf was an Austrian composer famous for his Lieder or “art songs”. His inspiration came from Richard Wagner. Early years At the age of four, his father taught him piano and violin. He studied music and music theory at primary school. However, he didn’t have any interest in other subjects and was dismissed from his first… Read More »

Toselli: Enrico: 13 March 1883 – 15 Jan 1926

Introduction Enrico Toselli was an Italian concert pianist and successful composer of mostly light classical music. However, this talent was very much overshadowed by scandal!! He toured as a concert pianist around Italy, European capital cities, Alexandria and North America. His most popular piece is Serenata ‘Rimpianto’ Op.6 No.1 Scandal Toselli’s scandalous affair and marriage with Archduchess Luise… Read More »

Tejada: Miguel Lerdo de: 29 Sept 1869 – 25 May 1941

Short Bio Miguel Lerdo de Tejada is most likely the first popular Mexican composer. He also played the piano. His repetoire consists of arrangements of traditional songs as well as original works. He produced light classical music. He studied in Morelia and Mexico City. At the age of thirty two in 1901 until 1941 he was director of… Read More »