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Spanish Classical Composers

Famous Spanish Classical Composers For this post we take a brief look at the famous Spanish classical composers featured on our site along with a selection of their works. Many of the Spanish composers listed here are from the late Romantic period when nationalist music was becoming more popular. Spanish classical music has been heavily influenced over time… Read More »

Verbytsky Sheet Music

Mykhailo Verbytsky Biography Verbytsky was a Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest, composer and conductor. He best known for his contribution in creating the Ukraine State Anthem. Early Life Verbytsky was born on into a Catholic family on 4th March 1815 in Nadsiannia region along the Polish/Ukraine border. Though we cannot be certain of these facts, it is possible that… Read More »

Flotow Sheet Music

Flotow Sheet Music and Biography Friedrich Adolf Ferdinand von Flotow was born on 27th April 1812 in Teutendorf a village in Lübeck, Germany. His opera Martha was very popular during the 19th and early 20th centuries. We have Flotow sheet music The Last Rose of Summer, Qui sola, vergin rosa from the 2nd Act of Martha featured on… Read More »

Simonetti Sheet Music

Achille Simonetti Biography Achille Simonetti was a leading Italian composer and violinist. We have Simonetti sheet music featured on our site, including several different arrangements of Madrigale. Life Achille Simonetti was born in Turin on 12 June 1857. He left his family in Bologna and studied under various musicians including Francesco Bianchi, Eugenio Cavallini, Giuseppe Gamba, Charles Dancla and Camillo Sivori, who himself… Read More »

Jessel Sheet Music

Léon Jessel Sheet Music and Biography Léon Jessel was a German composer of operettas and light classical music. We have Jessel sheet music for his best known piece The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (The Parade of the Tin Soldiers). Early Life Jessel was born in Stettin, Germany on 22nd January 1871. His father Samuel was a Jewish… Read More »

Liguori Sheet Music

Liguori Sheet Music and Biography Alfonso Liguori was a Catholic bishop, theologian, lawyer, musician and composer. Liguori sheet music featured on our site is his most noted work the delightful Tu scendi dalle stelle or From Starry Skies Descending. Early Years Liguori was born near Naples in Italy on 27th September 1696. His father Giuseppe Liguori served in… Read More »

Martini Sheet Music

Martini Sheet Music and Biography Jean-Paul-Égide Martini (born 31 August 1741) was a composer of classical music.  Although, known as a French composer he was actually born in Bavaria, Germany. Sometimes he was known as Martini Il Tedesco or Giovanni Martini. This is not to be confused with Giovanni Battista Martini (especially when referring to Plaisir d’Armour). We have a small… Read More »

Rebikov Sheet Music

Vladimir Rebikov Biography Vladimir Rebikov (born on 31 May 1866 (OS 19 May)) was a late-Romantic, twentieth-century Russian composer and pianist. His most famous piece within Russia is ‘The Christmas Tree’, which he wrote in 1901. We have arrangements of Rebikov sheet music such as ‘Shepherd Playing His Pipe‘ on Life and Career Rebikov studied piano with… Read More »

Pryor Sheet Music

Pryor Sheet Music and Biography Arthur Willard Pryor (born 22 September 1869*) was an American trombonist, bandleader/ conductor, and composer. His best-known compositions are ‘On Jersey Shore’, Queen Titania, and ‘The Whistler and His Dog’. He composed around three hundred works including novelties, marches, tone poems, and three light operas (Jinga Boo, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and On the… Read More »

Praetorius Sheet Music

Praetorious Sheet Music and Biography Michael Praetorius (born Michael Schultheiss c.28 September 1571) was a German composer, music theorist and organist. On music-scores we have an arrangement of Praetorius sheet music – Madrigale for a brass quartet. Life and Career Praetorius studied theology at the University of Frankfurt an der Oder before taking the position of organist of… Read More »