Ukraine State Anthem

By | March 25, 2022

Ukraine State Anthem Sheet Music

The Ukraine state anthem is based on a poem by the Pavlo Chubynsky and set to music by the composer Mykholia Verbytsky.

Pavlo Chubynsky

This week Anne has added two quartet arrangements of the anthem – one for Wind Quartet and the other for Clarinet Quartet.

Chubynsky wrote the poem in 1862 and it was published the following year. That was when the priest and composer Verbytsky came across it and decided to set it to music. The sheet music was first published with words in 1865.

The Ukraine state anthem was first released on a vinyl record during World War I in 1916. There were several anthems in use in Ukraine with this being just one of them.

The Ukrainian Republic adopted the anthem in 1917 but its use was discouraged after the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was created in 1922.

It was finally officially adopted in 1992 after independence from the Soviet Union. The lyrics were adopted in 2003 after some minor changes.

In recent times the anthem has most likely become familiar to many of us.

Watch the video on Twitter of the young Ukrainian girl who has recently evacuated the country.

You can read more about history of the Ukraine state anthem on and Wikipedia.

Look out for more versions of this next week.

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