Composers Born in June

By | June 10, 2022

Discover classical composers with June birthdays

There are a few classical composers born in June. Here are some of the ones featured on from different decades, with a mixture of musical styles. Read more about each one by clicking through to our blog posts.

Portrait painting of Tomaso Albinoni smartly dressed
Tomaso Albinoni

Tomaso Albinoni – 8 June 1671. Particularly known for his instrumental music, especially concertos.

Photograph of Edgar Elgar who was born in June, sat outside dressed formally
Edward Elgar

Edward Elgar – 2 June 1857. Probably the most famous English composer.

Black and White Photograph of Charles Francois Gounod in his forties
Charles Gounod

Charles Gounod – 17 Jun 1818. Most famous for his operas.

Photo of Edvard Grieg who was born in June
Edvard Grieg

Edvard Grieg – 15 Jun 1843. Romantic era Norwegian composer and pianist.

Photograph of Carl Nielsen c. 1908 dressed smartly.
Carl Nielsen

Carl Nielsen – 9 June 1865. Probably the most famous Danish composer.

Phot of Jacques Offenbach who was born in June
Jacques Offenbach

Jacques Offenbach – 20 June 1819. French composer, cellist and impresario.

Black & White photograph of Erwin Schulhoff with dancer Milca Mayerova in 1931
Erwin Schulhoff

Erwin Schulhoff  – 8 June 1894. One of the first classical composers to be inspired by Jazz.

Lithograph of Robert Schumann age 29.
Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann  – 8 June 1810. Romantic composer known for his piano and orchestral music and songs.

A coloured Portrait painting of Richard Strauss by Max Liebermann Bildnis
Richard Strauss

 Richard Strauss – 11 June 1864. German conductor, composer, violinist, and pianist.

Finally, we can mention King Henry VIII of England who was also a composer born in June. Henry was talented a musician and composer, playing several instruments as well as writing poetry. It has always been suggested that the traditional song Greensleeves was written by him however if’s now believed it was written after his death. Read more about it on ClassicFM blog.

These are just some of composers with June birthdays. There are many other places where you can find more composers born in June such as Classic Cat and Classical Net.

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