Albéniz: Isaac: 29 May 1860 – 18 May 1909

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Black and white photograph of Isaac Albeniz at the piano aged 41

Isaac Albéniz was a Spanish composer, virtuoso pianist and a leader of the Spanish nationalist school of musicians.

He was not from a musical household – his father was a customs official! So it’s a pretty amazing feat to become a piano prodigy at the age of four.

By the age of seven he had passed his entry exam into the Conservatoire de Paris but was apparently refused admission due to his age.

Albéniz was a bit of a rebel and by the age of twelve he had run away form home twice – managing to support himself by concert tours!


He was famous for his piano pieces one of his most memorable was Iberia; a collection of twelve virtuoso piano pieces which he created during his forties.

His best works include the Suite Española which contains ‘Sevilla‘; The Cantos de España which includes “Córdoba”; Navarra; and the Tango in D Major (we have arrangements of these pieces available to download on

Sadly, Albéniz developed Bright’s disease and consequently was disabled for many years prior to his death in 1909 at the age of only forty-nine.

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