Albinoni: Tomaso. Sheet Music and Biography

By | July 15, 2020

Albinoni Sheet Music

Portrait painting of Tomaso Albinoni smartly dressed holding a piece of music
Tomaso Albinoni

Tomaso Albinoni was an Italian composer. He is famous for his instrumental music especially his concertos including Adagio in G Minor.

Despite being fully trained he always considered himself to be an amateur.

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Family & Life

Tomaso Albinoni was born on 8th June 1671. His father was a wealthy paper merchant and in normal circumstances, Albinoni would have inherited his father’s business as the eldest child. Thankfully, his father relieved him of this duty and he was able to become a full-time musician, composer and according to some also ran a successful singing academy. Prior to this Albinoni just played music for pleasure.

Albinoni lived his life in Venice and married an opera singer. Impressively composing over eighty operas before his death on 17th January 1751.

Did you know? Albinoni was very fond of the oboe and was infact the first Italian composer to compose oboe concertos!

Here is a YouTube clip of the beautiful Adagio in G Minor, we have various arrangements on of this piece.

Albinoni Sheet Music and Further Reading

On we have fifteen arrangements for you of Tomaso Albinoni Sheet Music in PDF format including arrangements of Albinoni’s Adagio in G minor.

For further information on this composer why not take a look at Wikipedia and Baroque Music.

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