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Veracini Sheet Music

Veracini Sheet Music and Biography Francesco Maria Veracini (born 1 February 1690) was an Italian composer and violinist best known for his sonatas. Quite surprisingly though, half of his output was vocal. He was one of the leading violinists of his time in the eighteenth century. On music-scores we have various arrangements of Veracini’s Sonata Prima. Early Life… Read More »

Vecsey Sheet Music

Vecsey Sheet Music and Biography Franz von Vecsey was a classical Hungarian virtuoso violinist and composer, born at the end of the nineteenth century on 23 March 1893. Vecsey sheet music on includes Humoresque, Menuette, Reve, and Valse Triste. Early Life & Career He came from a musical background his uncle being a famous violinist and his… Read More »

Telemann Sheet Music

Telemann Sheet Music and Biography Georg Philipp Telemann was born on March 14th 1681 in Magdeburg, Germany. He was a composer of the late Baroque period writing church compositions, sacred and secular music. He was one of the most prolific major composers, writing in excess of three thousand works and three autobiographies. His Oboe Sonata in A minor… Read More »

Wolf Sheet Music

Wolf Sheet Music and Biography Hugo Wolf was an Austrian composer famous for his Lieder or “art songs”. His inspiration came from Richard Wagner. You can try out Wolf’s Nun wandre, Maria on our main site. Early years Wolf was born on 13th March 1860. At the age of four, his father taught him piano and violin. He… Read More »

Toselli Sheet Music

Toselli Sheet Music and Biography Enrico Toselli (born 13 March 1883) was an Italian concert pianist and successful composer of mostly light classical music. However, this talent was very much overshadowed by scandal! He toured as a concert pianist around Italy, many European capital cities, Alexandria and North America. His most popular piece is Serenata Rimpianto Op.6 No.1… Read More »

Tejada Sheet Music

Tejada Sheet Music and Biography Miguel Lerdo de Tejada (born 29 September 1869) is most likely the first popular Mexican composer. He also played the piano. His repertoire consists of arrangements of traditional songs as well as original works. He produced light classical music. On we have a few sheet music arrangements of his waltz, Consentida. Tejada… Read More »

Tàrrega Sheet Music

Tàrrega Sheet Music and Biography Francisco Tàrrega was a Spanish composer and classical guitarist often referred to as the ‘the father of classical guitar’. Tàrrega wrote almost eighty original pieces for the guitar and over one hundred arrangements, mainly from piano compositions from the likes of Chopin, Beethoven, and Mendelssohn. Two of Tàrrega’s most famous compositions are Danza… Read More »

Saint-Saëns Sheet Music

Saint-Saëns Sheet Music and Biography Camille Saint-Saëns was born in Paris in 1835. A gifted pianist, organist, and composer and a writer of criticism, poetry, and essays. He was well known for Danse Macabre which is on the site including part 1 for Piano Duet as well as part 2 a difficult piece to play. We have arranged… Read More »

Scriabin Sheet Music

Scriabin Sheet Music and Biography Alexander Scriabin was a Russian composer and pianist. He was incredibly popular during his lifetime, however, after his death, his popularity went into decline. During his reasonably short life, he was very happy to write almost entirely for solo piano and orchestra. His early music was influenced by Frederic Chopin and later by synesthesia… Read More »

Lumbye Sheet Music

Lumbye Sheet Music and Biography Hans Christian Lumbye was a Danish composer of waltzes, polkas gallops, and marches in the nineteenth century. He earned the nickname The Strauss of the North’ because of his style. Take a look at his Amelie Waltz and Britta Polka and you will see why. We have a good selection of arrangements of… Read More »