Gregorio Allegri: c.1582 – 17 Feb 1652 (OS 7 Feb)

Introduction Gregorio Allegri is not a hugely popular composer. However, he holds a valuable position with his composition of Miserere and other sacred works. Allegri was an Italian Priest, composer and singer who was a devout Roman Catholic. He spent most of his life in Rome. Life At the age of nine Allegri became a chorister in the… Read More »

Strauss: Richard: 11 June 1864 – 8 Sept 1949

Introduction Richard Strauss was a German conductor, composer, violinist and pianist. Not to be confused with any connection to the Austrian Strauss Dynasty. He is famous for his opera’s and is said to have succeeded Robert Wagner and Franz Liszt. His father was a horn player whose talent was passed onto his son demonstrated in his horn concertos.… Read More »

Koenig: Herman: 1815 – 6 July 1870

Herman Koenig was born in Germany in 1815. After leaving his homeland and travelling to London he became famous. He became a well-known cornet soloist. He was also a successful composer, publisher, music educator and heavily involved in designing cornets, specifically the Koenig Cornet. Career Koenig was part of Louis Jullien’s famous Drury Lane Orchestra in the early… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music: 26 February 2021

Hello Music-Scorers! This week Anne has added three new arrangements of Miserere mei, Deus by a new composer to, Italian Composer, Gregorio Allegri. Miserere mei, Deus is simply known as the Allegri Miserere. These are beautiful top note versions, up to high B, Bb & C, for 2 choirs of SSATB and SATB. 10 minutes in its… Read More »

Liszt: Franz: 22 Oct 1811 – 31 July 1886

Introduction Franz Liszt was a prolific composer and a genius on the piano. Creative, virtuosic, and a real hit with the ladies! A heart throb! He was incredibly successful and a philanthropist, donating a lot of his money to charity, hosting concerts in aid of communities affected by disasters and helping other composers. His most famous piece is… Read More »

Wagner: Richard: 22 May 1813 – 13 Feb 1883

Introduction Richard Wagner is famous as one of the most controvesial but influential composers. He was born in Germany and wrote many operas. He wrote both the libretto and the music. Unlike many of his fellow composers, Wagner didn’t show any interest in music at an early age. His siblings, however, all received piano lessons. His elder sisters… Read More »

Le Couppey: Felix: 14 April 1811 – 4 July 1887

Introduction Not a great deal is known about the French composer Felix Le Couppey. He was born in Paris in 1811, and he went to the Paris Conservatoire. Career By the age of seventeen he became the assistant teacher of Harmony at the Paris Conservatoire. Le Couppey went on to win awards at the Paris Conservatoire. These included… Read More »

Hall: Robert Browne: 30 June 1858 – 8 June 1907

Introduction Robert Browne Hall or R.B. Hall as he was known was an American composer of marches, brass band music and he was a cornet virtuoso. He has sixty two marches to his name. Life & Career He rarely left his native state of Maine. Despite this, his popularity was worldwide, so much so that the English often… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music: 12 Feb 2021

Hello Music-Scorers! Here in the UK, we find ourselves in yet another week of lockdown and the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem to be getting any closer… To cheer you all up Anne has added five new arrangements to including more arrangements of Gabriel Fauré’s Cantique de Jean Racine and Scott Joplin’s Maple… Read More »