Hall: Robert Browne: 30 June 1858 – 8 June 1907

By | February 16, 2021


Marching Brass Band in uniform illustrating Hall's compositions of Marches and Brass Band Music.
Marching Band

Robert Browne Hall or R.B. Hall as he was known was an American composer of marches, brass band music and he was a cornet virtuoso. He has sixty two marches to his name.

Life & Career

He rarely left his native state of Maine. Despite this, his popularity was worldwide, so much so that the English often thought of him as one of their own.

In 1895 he wrote his well-known ‘Death or Glory’ a very popular march dedicated to the Tenth Regiment Bank in New York. This piece is played all over the UK.

Hall earned the title  ‘The New England March King’ and every year in Maine on the last Saturday in June it is Robert Browne Hall Day.

Later Years

Sadly he encountered a stroke in 1902 from which he never recovered and five years later when he was almost forty nine he died of nephritis, in a state of destitution .

Musical Downloads & Further Reading

On music-scores.com we have some arrangements of Robert Browne Hall Sheet Music ‘Death and Glory’ for you to download. For further information take a look at Wikipedia.

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