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Weber: Carl Maria von. Sheet Music and Biography

Weber Sheet Music Carl Maria von Weber was a German composer, skilled pianist, and conductor of the Romantic era. Weber sheet music on our site includes arrangements of Op.33 Variations and Op.10a, No.1, 2nd mvt Romanze. Weber was born on 18 November 1786 and he was one of the main founders of German Romantic opera. His most famous… Read More »

Smith: John Stafford. Sheet Music and Biography

Smith Sheet Music John Stafford Smith (bapt. 30 March 1750) was an English composer of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Would you believe that his identity wasn’t discovered until 1970 in the music section of the Library of Congress! Smith is the first English musicologist, publishing a ‘Collection of English Song’ in 1779. There is no doubt that… Read More »

Scarlatti: Domenico. Sheet Music and Biography

Scarlatti Sheet Music Domenico Scarlatti was an Italian composer, born on 26 October 1685 in Naples, the same year as Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. His father was Baroque composer Alessandro Scarlatti. He is particularly famous for 555 keyboard sonatas. Scarlatti spent twenty-five years of his life living in Spain and much of his life working… Read More »

Sarasate: Pablo de. Sheet Music and Biography

Sarasate Sheet Music Pablo de Sarasate (born 10 March 1844) was a Spanish violinist, composer and conductor. He is one of the biggest violin soloists there has ever been. His most popular piece is Zigeunerweisen along with his four books of Spanish Dances and the Carmen Fantasy (which he uses themes from Bizets’s Carmen). You can see our Sarasate… Read More »

Rosas: Juventino. Sheet Music and Biography

Rosas Sheet Music Juventino Rosas (born 25 January 1868) was a composer and violinist. Said to be the first internationally acclaimed Mexican composer. Rosas is the composer of over fifty compositions, his most famous creation being Waltz over the Waves remaining very popular to this day. Unfortunately, it is often mistakenly attributed to Johann Strauss. You can see… Read More »

Rimsky-Korsakov: Nikolai. Sheet Music and Biography

Rimsky-Korsakov Sheet Music Nikolai Andréyevich Rimsky-Korsakov was born in Russia on 18 March 1844. Between 1856 and 1870 he was part of the group known as ‘The Five / Mighty Five / Russian Five’. Their objective was to promote Russian musical independence from the West. Its members were Mily Balakirev (leader), César Antonovich Cui, Modest Mussorgsky, Alexander Borodin, and… Read More »

Schulhoff: Erwin. Sheet Music and Biography

Schulhoff Sheet Music Erwin Schulhoff (born 8 June 1894) was a Czech composer and pianist. He was one of the first classical composers to be inspired by Jazz and he won the Mendelssohn Prize not once but twice! Antonín Dvořák gave him the encouragement and inspiration to start a musical career. In 1927 he wrote one of his… Read More »

Reiche: Gottfried. Sheet Music and Biography

Reiche Sheet Music Gottfreid Reiche was a hornist, trumpet player, and composer, born in Germany on 5 February 1667. His birth town, Weißenfels held a long tradition of trumpet music in its court. Reiche is probably most famous as J S Bach‘s chief trumpeter from Bach’s arrival in Leipzig in 1723 until Reiche’s death in 1734. Bach wrote many… Read More »

Reger: Max. Sheet Music and Biography

Max Reger Sheet Music Max Reger was a German composer born in Bavaria on 19 March 1873. His talents extend to playing the organ, piano, conductor and being an academic teacher. He wrote a variety of orchestral, chamber, vocal and choral, piano and organ music. His best-known piece for the piano and also the orchestra is his Variations… Read More »

Westendorf: Thomas. Sheet Music and Biography

Westendorf Sheet Music Thomas Westendorf was an American singer and songwriter born on 23 February 1848 in Virginia, USA. Westendorf sheet music on our site features his most famous song I’ll Take You Home Kathleen. Life Westendorf was born on 23rd Feb 1848 in quite a poor and salubrious area where crime was common and falling into its… Read More »