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Llobet Sheet Music

Llobet Sheet Music and Biography Miguel Llobet was a Spanish composer and guitarist though his fame lies more in playing virtuoso guitar which paved the way for future generations of guitarists. We feature several arrangements of La Filla del Marxant  and El Testament d’Amelia on our site. You can see our Llobet sheet music collection on the site.… Read More »

Yradier Sheet Music

Yradier Sheet Music and Biography Sebastián Yradier (born Iradier on 20 January 1809) is one of the very few Basque composers. Yradier sheet music featured on our site includes his habanera  ‘La Paloma’. This is possibly one of the most popular Spanish songs of all time and is certainly his most popular piece. If you aren’t familiar with the… Read More »

Peterson-Berger Sheet Music

Peterson-Berger Sheet Music and Biography Wilhelm Peterson-Berger was a famous Swedish composer and music critic born on 27 February 1867. We have a selection Peterson-Berger sheet music including Summer Garden and Lawn Tennis arranged for different instruments on Peterson-Berger’s most famous collection of works is Frösöblomster (‘Flowers of Frösö’) which he wrote to ‘appeal to the masses’. Early… Read More »

Sousa Sheet Music

Sousa Sheet Music and Biography John Philip Sousa (born on 6th November 1854) was an American bandmaster and composer in the late Romantic era, known as ‘The March King’. He composed one hundred and thirty-six military marches. His most famous pieces include Stars and Stripes Forever, which is the National March of the USA and Semper Fidelis which… Read More »

Sor Sheet Music

Sor Sheet Music and Biography Fernando Sor (bapt.14 Feb 1778) was a Spanish classical guitarist and composer. His name often translates into those of Joseph Fernando Macario Sors, Ferdinand Sor, Ferdinando Sor which causes confusion. Sor was a virtuoso guitarist playing the slimmer Romantic guitar pre-dating today’s Torres version. He was actually the first guitarist to play in… Read More »

Weber Sheet Music

Weber Sheet Music and Biography Carl Maria von Weber was a German composer, skilled pianist, and conductor of the Romantic era. Weber sheet music on our site includes arrangements of Op.33 Variations and Op.10a, No.1, 2nd mvt Romanze. Weber was born on 18 November 1786 and he was one of the main founders of German Romantic opera. His… Read More »

Smith Sheet Music

Smith Sheet Music and Biography John Stafford Smith (bapt. 30 March 1750) was an English composer of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Would you believe that his identity wasn’t discovered until 1970 in the music section of the Library of Congress! Find Smith sheet music for The Star Spangled Banner on Smith is the first English musicologist,… Read More »

Scarlatti Sheet Music

Scarlatti Sheet Music and Biography Domenico Scarlatti was an Italian composer, born on 26 October 1685 in Naples, the same year as Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. His father was Baroque composer Alessandro Scarlatti. He is particularly famous for 555 keyboard sonatas. Explore our Scarlatti sheet music selection including  Kp.086 Sonata in C and Kp.531 Sonata… Read More »

Sarasate Sheet Music

Sarasate Sheet Music and Biography Pablo de Sarasate (born 10 March 1844) was a Spanish violinist, composer and conductor. He is one of the biggest violin soloists there has ever been. His most popular piece is Zigeunerweisen along with his four books of Spanish Dances and the Carmen Fantasy (which he uses themes from Bizets’s Carmen). Find Sarasate sheet… Read More »

Rosas Sheet Music

Rosas Sheet Music and Biography Juventino Rosas (born 25 January 1868) was a composer and violinist. He is said to be the first internationally acclaimed Mexican composer. Rosas is the composer of over fifty compositions, his most famous creation being Sobre Las Olas or Over the Waves sheet music remaining very popular to this day. It’s also known… Read More »