Benedetto Marcello Sheet Music

Benedetto Marcello Sheet Music and Biography Benedetto Marcello is a famous Italian Baroque composer and writer. He was also an advocate, magistrate, teacher, and poet! His works include operas, sonatas, oratorios, concerti, and cantatas. We have various instrumental versions of Il Mio Bel Foco featured on our main site. We have a small selection of his works arranged… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music: 16/23 July 2021

Hello Music Scorers! We hope that the Covid measures are easing where you are and a sense of normality is returning (if we can all remember what that was like?). Over this week Anne has added ten new arrangements with further pieces from Johannes Brahms and Wilhelm Peterson-Berger. If you click on the composers names it will take… Read More »

Marais Sheet Music

Marais Sheet Music and Biography Marin Marais is famous as a virtuoso of the viol/viola de gamba and as the primary French composer for this instrument. Various instrumental versions of L’Agreable from 5 French Dances feature on our main site. Marais was born on 31st May 1656. Sadly there is not much information about his family though we… Read More »

Malats Sheet Music

Malats Sheet Music and Biography Joaquin Malats (born 5 March 1872) was a famous composer and skilled pianist from Barcelona. We have a selection of arrangements of Joaquin Malat’s Serenata Espanola sheet music on our site for you to try. Early Life Joaquin Malats studied with Juajn Bautisa Pujol at the Conservatori Municipal de Musica de Barcelona. Following… Read More »

Magnani Sheet Music

Magnani Sheet Music and Biography Aurélio Magnani was born on 26 February 1856 in Longiano, Italy. He was a performer and teacher of the clarinet and a composer. Magnani wrote his ‘Méthode Complète de Clarinette’ (Method for Clarinet) and the Mazurka Caprice. Try out Magnani’s Sonata for 2 Clarinets on our site. We have a few arrangements of… Read More »

Massenet Sheet music

Massenet Sheet Music and Biography Jules Massenet (born 12 May 1842) is famous as a French operatic composer during the Romantic era. He is best known for his operas Manon and Werther along with solo violin for the opera Thais. You can find several arrangements of Thais, Act 2 Meditation on our main site. Family His father was… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music: 5 July 2021

Hello Music-Scorers! We hope that everyone in the USA had a great Independence Day yesterday, and all the Europeans are enjoying the football! This week Anne has added five new arrangements to with pieces from Johannes Brahms and Arthur Sullivan. The Last Rose of Summer is a poem by Thomas Moore and was originally set to the… Read More »

Llobet Sheet Music

Llobet Sheet Music and Biography Miguel Llobet was a Spanish composer and guitarist though his fame lies more in playing virtuoso guitar which paved the way for future generations of guitarists. We feature several arrangements of La Filla del Marxant  and El Testament d’Amelia on our site. You can see our Llobet sheet music collection on the site.… Read More »

Yradier Sheet Music

Yradier Sheet Music and Biography Sebastián Yradier (born Iradier on 20 January 1809) is one of the very few Basque composers. Yradier sheet music featured on our site includes his habanera  ‘La Paloma’. This is possibly one of the most popular Spanish songs of all time and is certainly his most popular piece. If you aren’t familiar with the… Read More »

Peterson-Berger Sheet Music

Peterson-Berger Sheet Music and Biography Wilhelm Peterson-Berger was a famous Swedish composer and music critic born on 27 February 1867. We have a selection Peterson-Berger sheet music including Summer Garden and Lawn Tennis arranged for different instruments on Peterson-Berger’s most famous collection of works is Frösöblomster (‘Flowers of Frösö’) which he wrote to ‘appeal to the masses’. Early… Read More »