Composers Born in July

By | July 8, 2022

A selection of classical composers with July birthdays

There are a few classical composers born in July. Some of the ones featured on are listed below. They’re from varying music periods and each with their own musical style. According to some modern research babies born in July tend to grow into adults with a more positive and optimistic outlook. As a result of being born in the summer it’s also said that July babies are more likely to have a healthier life. Wonder if that’s true about any of the classical composers with July birthdays highlighted here? Read more about each one by clicking through to our blog posts.

Lithograph of Adophe Charles Adam
Adolphe-Charles Adam

Adolphe-Charles Adam – 24 July 1803. French composer and music critic.

Portrait of Giovanni Bononcini
Giovanni Bononcini

Giovanni Bononcini  – 18 July 1670. Baroque composer, cellist, singer, and teacher.

Black and white painting of Louis Claude Daquin
Louis-Claude Daquin

Louis-Claude Daquin – 4 July 1694. Composer, organist and harpsichord player.

Black and White portrait of John Field who was born in July
John Field

John Field – 26 July 1782. Irish composer and concert pianist.

Black and White Photograph of Stephen Foster who was born in July
Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster – 4 July 1826. Most famous for his minstrel music and ballads.

Portrait of Christoph Gluck who was born in July
Christoph Gluck

Christoph Gluck – 2 July 1714. Particularly known for his transformation of the traditional Baroque operas.

Black & White photo of composer Enrique Granados who was born in July
Enrique Granados

Enrique Granados – 27 July 1867. Spanish composer know for his piano solo works.

Black & White Portrait of Benedetto Marcello by Vincenzo Roscioni
Benedetto Marcello

Benedetto Marcello  – 31 July 1686. Famous Italian Baroque composer and writer.

These are just some of composers with July birthdays. Other resources where you can find more about composers born in July include Classic Cat and Classical Net.

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