Leoncavallo: Ruggero: 23 April 1857 – 9 August 1919

Introduction Ruggero Leoncavallo was an Italian composer of Italian opera and a librettist for most of his operas. He was considered by some to be the best librettist of his time after Arrigo Boito. His ultimate fame lies in his opera ‘Pagliacci’, despite writing many others. Early Life Leoncavallo was born in Naples, his father was a police… Read More »

Strauss: Johann Snr: 14 March 1804 – 25 Sept 1849

Introduction Johann Strauss was an Austrian Romantic composer famous for the Viennese waltz. Despite his resistance his sons also became famous musicians. He most famous piece is the ‘Radetzky March’, we have various arrangements on music-scores.com. It was written to commemorate the Field Marshall Radetsky’s victory at the Battle of Custoza. Early Life Strauss parents were innkeepers, however,… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music: 5 Feb 2021

Hello Music-Scorers The snow is falling here in Kent, and the place is scattered with snowmen and fields of laughter with families sledging (including myself!). This week Anne has added three new arrangements of Op.11: Cantique de Jean Racine to her collection by Gabriel Fauré. This weeks new arrangements Fauré: Op.11: Cantique de Jean Racine Fauré Op.11: Cantique… Read More »

Morton: Jelly Roll: 20 Sept c1890 – 10 July 1941

Introduction Born in New Orleans, Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe became known professionally as Jelly Roll Morton. He achieved fame as a ragtime jazz pianist and composer. Career Jelly Roll started his career in 1914 whilst living with his church-going great grandmother. He had to lie to his family about his first job as it wasn’t in the most salubrious… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music – 29 January 2021

Hello Music-Scorers Well January is almost over and we can move into February hopefully with more positivity …. but in the meantime there’s music. This week Anne has added to her collection of arrangements of Maple Rag by Scott Joplin which now totals fourteen Maple Leaf Rag Sheet Music – Violin and Piano Maple Leaf Rag Sheet Music… Read More »

Johnson: Charles Leslie: 3 Dec – 28 Dec 1950

Introduction Charles Leslie Johnson was born in Kansas City, Kansas in 1876.  He was a prolific composer of ragtime music. By the age of six he was playing the piano (belonging to his neighbour). Then just a few years later he was studying classical piano, harmony, and music theory. Johnson published over three hundred songs, almost forty being… Read More »

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Tobias Hume: c.1579 – 16 April 1645

Introduction Tobias Hume was a Scottish composer and little is known about his life. His year of birth is based on his entry into the London Charterhouse (a home for “distressed” gentlemen and the admittance age was at least fifty years old). Career Hume spent many years trudging across Europe as a mercenary serving in both the Swedish… Read More »

Joplin: Scott: c1868 – 1 April 1917

Introduction On the turn of the twentieth Scott Joplin was known as the ‘King of Ragtime’. He was born in Texas to a musical family who were railway labourers. His father Giles played the violin and his mother Florence sang and played the banjo. He went on to write over one hundred ragtime pieces. Career As a boy,… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music – 22 January 2021

Hello Music-Scorers! It is a very crisp January morning here in Kent. Yesterday we even had enough snow to build snowmen and go sledging… but it was short-lived.. This week Anne has added to her collection of arrangements of Maple Leaf Rag Sheet Music by Scott Joplin. Click on the links below to view the sheet music. Maple… Read More »