Recently Added Classical Sheet Music – 13 August 2021

Hello again Music-Scorers! Anne has been busy once more this week and has added some more classical sheet music arrangements of Brahms – The Last Rose of Summer for solo instruments including Trombone, Euphonium and Viola.  There’s also a new arrangement of Anne’s own composition Va-moose! for Clarinet and the first of many arrangements of Albeniz. Op.47, No.4 Cadiz from our contributor Klas Krantz. Keep a… Read More »

Mouret: Jean-Joseph. Sheet Music and Biography

Mouret Sheet Music Jean-Joseph Mouret (born 6 April 1682) was one of the leading French advocates of French Baroque music. We have a large selection of Mouret’s Bridal Fanfare sheet music arranged for different instruments on Mouret’s most famous and pretty much only surviving music is ‘Fanfare Rondeau ‘from his Suite of Symphonies for brass, strings, and timpani No. 1.… Read More »

Monti: Vittorio. Sheet Music and Biography

Monti Sheet Music Vittorio Monti (born 6 January 1868) is a famous Italian composer, violinist, and conductor. He is best known for the Hungarian dance Czardas, which is still loved by audiences today. It is a contrast between slow and passionate, fast and light, which makes this showpiece great fun to play. Many gypsy orchestras around the world… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music – 6 August 2021

Hello Music-Scorers! Here in the UK we’re in the middle of the traditional summer break, though the weather has not been that kind to us. Our guitar specialist Klas tells us that Sweden has been extra hot though!  Hope that wherever you are things are going well. This week Anne has been working on some sheet music arrangements of… Read More »

MacDowell: Edward. Sheet Music and Biography

MacDowell Sheet Music Edward MacDowell (born 18 December 1860) was an American composer and pianist. His most famous suites were Woodland Sketches, Sea Pieces, and New England Idyls and his most famous piano piece was ‘To A Wild Rose’ from Woodland Sketches’. MacDowell also composed four sonatas, two orchestral suites including two piano concertos and a large number of… Read More »

Mascagni: Pietro. Sheet Music and Biography

Mascagni Sheet Music Pietro Mascagni is a famous Italian operatic composer born on 7 December 1863. He is best-known for his masterpiece Cavalleria Rusticana (and also his full head of hair!). Take at look at our sheet music collection of Pietro Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana: Easter Hymn and Intermezzo on our main site. Early Life Pietro’s father was the… Read More »

Marcello: Alessandro. Sheet Music and Biography

Alessandro Marcello Sheet Music Alessandro Marcello was an Italian composer and nobleman. Have a go at his Larghetto Affettuoso featured on our main site. Family Marcello was born on 1st Feb 1673 into a Venetian noble family. His father was a senator and his younger brother Benedetto Marcello also became a composer. He lived a very comfortable life… Read More »

Rameau: Jean-Philippe. Sheet Music and Biography

Rameau Sheet Music Jean-Philippe Rameau (born 25 September 1683) was a French composer of the Baroque period. He is best known for his harpsichord music and pieces for the theatre covering all genres. His most famous pieces include Gavotte, Hippolyte Et Aricie; Castor Et Pollux; Les Cyclopes, Les Indes Galantes; La Triumphante and La Poule. On we… Read More »

Marcello: Benedetto. Sheet Music and Biography

Benedetto Marcello Sheet Music Benedetto Marcello is a famous Italian Baroque composer and writer. He was also an advocate, magistrate, teacher, and poet! His works include operas, sonatas, oratorios, concerti, and cantatas. We have various instrumental versions of Il Mio Bel Foco featured on our main site. We have a small selection of his works arranged for different… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music: 16/23 July 2021

Hello Music Scorers! We hope that the Covid measures are easing where you are and a sense of normality is returning (if we can all remember what that was like?). Over this week Anne has added ten new arrangements with further pieces from Johannes Brahms and Wilhelm Peterson-Berger. If you click on the composers names it will take… Read More »