Field Sheet Music

By | October 30, 2020

Field Sheet Music and Biography

Black and White portrait of John Field in his early forties
John Field
26 July 1782-23 Jan 1837

John Field was born into a musical Irish family on 26 July 1782.

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At the age of eight Field, received lessons from Tommaso Giordani. Whilst he was still young he moved to London and was tutored under Muzio Clementi . Field’s fame and popularity as a concert pianist then increased.

Clementi and Field became good friends, with John helping Muzio sell musical instruments. He was also Clementi’s pallbearer at his funeral in 1832.

Life and Career

In 1802 Field travelled with Clementi to Paris, Vienna, and Russia. He settled in St. Petersberg living there for twenty-nine years.

He married in 1808 and had a son, however, he was quite a womaniser and drinker and fathered at least one illegitimate child. Consequently, his wife left him.

Due to his extravagant lifestyle in the late 1820s Field suffered from rectal cancer… He is quoted as saying  “I play better when I am drunk than anyone in Russia when they are sober.”  He once passed out drunk when he was due at a concert and rumours spread that he had died!

He gave his last concert in March 1836 and died of pneumonia the following year on 23rd January 1837.

His most famous piece was Nocturne, though he was not credited with it until after his death. (Chopin was apparently accidentally credited with it).

Field Sheet Music Downloads and Further Reading

On we have one piece of John Field sheet music in PDF format for you to download.

For further information take a look at Wikipedia or Britannica.

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