Peterson-Berger: Wilhelm. Sheet Music and Biography

Peterson-Berger Sheet Music Wilhelm Peterson-Berger was a famous Swedish composer and music critic born on 27 February 1867. His most famous collection of works is Frösöblomster (‘Flowers of Frösö’) which he wrote to ‘appeal to the masses’. We have a selection of his works arranged for different instruments on Early Life Peterson-Berger’s mother was an established piano player… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music: 21 June 2021

Hello Music-Scorers! This week Anne has been very busy creating further arrangements of her original piece VaMoose, along with arrangements of music by Elgar and Sousa and Peterson Berger. All recent updates can be found here on and the latest ones are detailed below: Christopherson: Vamoose: This is all about a moose as he goes about his… Read More »

Sousa: John Philip. Sheet Music and Biography

Sousa Sheet Music John Philip Sousa (born on 6th November 1854) was an American bandmaster and composer in the late Romantic era, known as ‘The March King’. He composed one hundred and thirty-six military marches. His most famous pieces include Stars and Stripes Forever, which is the National March of the USA, and Semper Fidelis which is also… Read More »

Sor: Fernando. Sheet Music and Biography

Sor Sheet Music Fernando Sor (bapt.14 Feb 1778) was a Spanish classical guitarist and composer. His name translates into Joseph Fernando Macario Sors, Ferdinand Sor, Ferdinando Sor which often causes confusion. Sor was a virtuoso guitarist playing the slimmer Romantic guitar pre-dating todays Torres version. He is famous for being the first guitarist to play in a classical… Read More »

Weber: Carl Maria von. Sheet Music and Biography

Weber Sheet Music Carl Maria von Weber was a German composer, skilled pianist and conductor of the Romantic era. Born on 18 November 1726, he is one of the main founders of German Romantic opera. His most famous piano piece is Invitation to the Dance, along with his opera’s Der Freischütz, Euryanthe, and Oberon. He also wrote orchestral… Read More »

Smith: John Stafford. Sheet Music and Biography

Smith Sheet Music John Stafford Smith (bapt. 30 March 1750) was an English composer of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Would you believe that his identity wasn’t discovered until 1970 in the music section of the Library of Congress! Smith is the first English musicologist, publishing a ‘Collection of English Song’ in 1779. There is no doubt that… Read More »

Scarlatti: Domenico. Sheet Music and Biography

Scarlatti Sheet Music Domenico Scarlatti was an Italian composer, born on 26 October 1685 in Naples, the same year as Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. His father was Baroque composer Alessandro Scarlatti. He is particularly famous for 555 keyboard sonatas. Scarlatti spent twenty-five years of his life living in Spain and much of his life working… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music: 7 June 2021

Hello Music-Scorers Well, it looks like Summer is finally here! The sun is shining and there’s no longer a frost in the morning. This week Anne has been very busy creating arrangements of Ponchielli’s Dance of the Hours from his opera La Gioconda, and also composing VaMoose a fun and original piece of music focussing on the daily… Read More »

Sarasate: Pablo de. Sheet Music and Biography

Sarasate Sheet Music Pablo de Sarasate (born 10 March 1844) was a Spanish violinist, composer and conductor. He is one of the biggest violin soloists there has ever been. His most popular piece is Zigeunerweisen along with his four books of Spanish Dances and the Carmen Fantasy (which he uses themes from Bizets’s Carmen). You can see our Sarasate… Read More »

Rosas: Juventino. Sheet Music and Biography

Rosas Sheet Music Juventino Rosas (born 25 January 1868) was a composer and violinist. Said to be the first internationally acclaimed Mexican composer. Rosas is the composer of over fifty compositions, his most famous creation being Waltz over the Waves remaining very popular to this day. Unfortunately, it is often mistakenly attributed to Johann Strauss. You can see… Read More »