Hughie Cannon: 9 April 1877 – 17 June 1912

Introduction Hughie Cannon was an American songwriter and pianist. He was born in Detroit and died in Ohio aged just thirty five. He was famous for his ragtime music. Career & Works In the 1890’s Cannon performed with the Barlow’s Minstrels as a singer, dancer and played the piano. In 1902 he wrote his most famous piece ‘Bill… Read More »

Giulio Caccini: 8 Oct 1551 – 10 Dec 1618

Introduction Also known as Giulio Romano, he was an Italian composer, singer and teacher. His own father was a carpenter. However, Caccini was father to the composer Francesca Caccini and the singer Settimia Caccini. Caccini was closely associated with a Florentine Group who produced the very earliest operas at the end of the sixteenth century. He was also… Read More »

William Byrd: c.1540 – 4 July 1823

Introduction William Byrd was an English organist and composer around the Shakespearean time. He is known for his development of the English madrigal, but wrote in many forms including sacred and secular music polyphony, keyboard and consort music. Career In 1563 Byrd was appointed organist at Lincoln Cathedral. Following this he returned to London in 1572 to become… Read More »

Norbert Burgmüller: 8 Feb 1810 – 7 May 1836

Introduction: Norbert Burgmüller was born in Dusseldorf, Germany to a musical family. His mother was a music teacher and singer and his father was the director of a theatre, composer and pianist. His brother Friedrich Burgmüller was also a composer. It is said that Norbert possessed much more talent than his father and brother but lacked the ambition… Read More »

Friedrich Burgmüller: 4 Dec 1806 – 13 Feb 1874

Introduction Johann Friedrich Burgmüller more commonly known as Friedrich Burgmüller was a German pianist and composer. He was from a musical background his father was a music teacher, composer, and pianist and taught Friedrich, and his mother was a pianist and singer. His brother was also a composer, conductor and pianist whom Friedrich was close to. Career &… Read More »

Max Bruch: 6 Jan 1838 – 2 Oct 1920

Introduction: Max Bruch was a teacher, conductor and composer. He was born in Cologne in 1838, his mother was a singer and his father a lawyer who later became VP of the Cologne police. Both were very supportive of his musical career. Bruch started composing as a child and his first composition was at the age of nine… Read More »

Frank Bridge: 26 Feb 1879 – 10 Jan 1941

Introduction Frank Bridge was born in Brighton England. He was a composer, violinist , viola player and conductor. Bridge was most famous his chamber music. He went to the Royal College of Music in London and whilst there he changed from playing the violin to the viola. Career Bridge played in the famous English quartet until 1915. He… Read More »

Moritz Brosig: 15 Oct 1815 – 24 Jan 1887

Introduction Moritz Brosig was born in Poland. He was a cathedral organist, composer and university professor. His father died when he was only three and Brosig and his mother moved to Breslau where he spent the rest of his life. After a brief time at teacher training college Brosig decided to become a professional church musician. Between 1835… Read More »

Recently Added Sheet Music – 21 August 2020

Hello Music-Scorers! This week we have nine new arrangements for you including one of Anne’s own compositions ‘A Little Jig’. In addition we have three new arrangements by Scarlatti to add to the twenty five that we already have on, along with four arrangements of compositions by Debussy and one from Bach. Debussy: Preludes Bk1: La Fille… Read More »

Gaetano Braga: 9 June 1829 – 21 Nov 1907

Introduction Gaetano Braga was an Italian composer and cellist who died in the 20th century. He showed an early talent for music and despite it not being his parent’s first choice of career he went to the college of San Pietro a Maiella. He displayed such an incredible talent the director of the college had a cello specifically… Read More »