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By | April 14, 2023

Contemporary Composers on

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Although we focus on classical sheet music from composers whose works are in the public domain, we do have permission to publish a few works by some talented comtemporary composers.

Andrew Baldwin – New Zealander

Andrew Baldwin (b.1986) is a graduate of the Royal College of Music, London and the New Zealand School of Music, Wellington. He is a previous winner of the Music-Scores composing competition. You can read more about him on his website.

Johannes Bergkvist – Swedish

Johannes Bergkvist is a previous winner of the Music-Scores composition competition

Anne Christopherson – British

Anne Christopherson is a Graduate of the Royal Schools of Music and Associate of the Royal College of Music – London

Anne’s career includes teaching piano and keyboard in Southern England. She has extensive experience in: piano, violin, keyboard, flute, clarinet and has recently taken up the saxophone.

A classicist by heart she has amassed a collection of works over the last 40 years. Her preference is towards the French composers as they are both challenging and romantic

Saul Dzorelashvili – American

Saul Dzorelashvili was a joint runner-up in a previous Music-Scores International Composition Competition.

Francisco J. Gil Valencia – Spanish

Francisco J. Gil Valencia is a qualified piano teacher; senior clarinet Professor; Superior Professor of Solfeggio, Music Theory, Transposition and Accompaniment; Superior Professor of Harmony and Accompanied Melody, Counterpoint and Fugue, Composition and Instrumentation; and Senior Professor of Orchestra Conducting.
He is a previous winner of the Music-Scores International Composition Competition

Gordon: Christopher – British

Christopher Gordon is a composer and arranger, best known for his inventive, imaginative and beautifully written music for wind instruments.

Gutteridge: Mark – British

Mark Gutteridge has been a long standing friend of Music-Scores and has contributed some wonderful choral pieces.

Penny: James – English

James Penny has a few modern funk pieces published on our site.

Kolonelos: Alexandros – Greek

Alexandros Kolonelos was a previous joint runner-up of the Music-Scores International Composition Competition

Lathbury: Benjamin – British

Benjamin Lathbury was a previous winner of the winner of the Music-Scores Composition Competition.

O Neill: Clare – British

Clare O’Neill was winner of 2001 Summer Composition Competition

Wakefield: Anthony – British

Anthony Wakefield was born in Lancashire in 1942. Taking up the clarinet and piano, his studies took him to gain performing and teaching diplomas (clarinet) at the Royal and London Colleges of Music.

Winkelmann: Richard – Venezuelan

Richard Winkelmann has been writing music since 1998 and has worked teaching piano privately at home and in a music school.

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