Coronation of King Charles III

By | April 28, 2023

Classical Sheet Music for the Coronation Ceremony

Coronation Emblem

Music plays a significant role in the coronation ceremonies of the United Kingdom, which mark the formal crowning of a new monarch. These ceremonies are steeped in tradition. They are accompanied by a rich repertoire of music, ranging from choral works to orchestral compositions.

Coronation Day

His Majesty King Charles III will be crowned along with Her Majesty The Queen Consort during a ceremony in Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6th May 2023.

New Music

The King has commissioned several new pieces for the ceremony. They include pieces by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Patrick Doyle and Judith Weir. You can read more about those and the other commissions on the Royal Website.

Traditional Music

Based on previous coronations and royal occasions these are our thoughts about which pieces might be performed.

One of the most well-known pieces associated with British coronations is “Zadok the Priest” by George Frideric Handel. This majestic anthem was first performed during the coronation of King George II in 1727 and has since been performed at every British coronation ceremony. The powerful choral harmonies and grand orchestration of “Zadok the Priest” have come to symbolize the solemnity and grandeur of the occasion.

Another iconic piece often heard during coronations is the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s oratorio, “Messiah.” Previously, this choral masterpiece has been performed during key moments of the ceremony, such as the entrance and departure of the monarch. You can download several different arrangements of this coronation sheet music from our main site.

In addition to these timeless works, other musical selections are chosen to enhance the ceremonial atmosphere. The orchestral prelude, “Crown Imperial,” composed by William Walton, has been a popular choice for processionals during coronations. Its regal fanfares and stirring melodies create an air of anticipation and pageantry.

The choirs might also sing “I Was Glad” and “Jerusalem” by Sir Hubert Parry . “All People That On Earth Do Dwell” by Louis Bourgeois, and “The National Anthem.” These musical pieces serve to inspire and uplift those in attendance, reflecting the deep-rooted connection between music, royalty, and national identity. You can download both Jerusalem and The National Anthem from our site.

The Choirs

The choirs that participate in coronation ceremonies are also of great importance. The Choir of Westminster Abbey, renowned for its rich history and exceptional vocal performances, often takes center stage during these events. Also taking part will be The Choir of His Majesty’s Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace, girl choristers from Truro Cathedral and Methodist College, Belfast. Singers from the Monteverdi Choir will perform as well.

The choristers voices resonate within the grandeur of the abbey, adding a spiritual and celebratory dimension to the proceedings.

To sum up…

The music used in UK coronation ceremonies blends tradition, symbolism, and artistic expression. The music captures the essence of the monarchy and the historical significance of the event. These musical compositions and performances create a sense of unity, continuity, and reverence. They highlight the ceremonial importance of the coronation and the enduring power of music in such regal occasions.

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