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By | July 24, 2020

Attwood Sheet Music and Biography

Painting of Thomas Attwood the composer.
Thomas Attwood
23 Nov 1765 – 24 March 1838

Thomas Attwood was an English composer and organist, born on 23 November 1765. His father was a musician in the royal band.

We have a couple of arrangements of Attwood’s Sonatina No.1: 1st Movement on

Attwood became a chorister at the age of nine whilst receiving musical training. The Prince of Wales paid for his education abroad.

Thomas Attwood held some very prestigious positions during his life and associated himself with some famous composers.

Fast Facts

  • 1793: Attwood married and had five sons and one daughter.
  • 1806: He played his own specially written piece on the organ at Lord Nelson’s funeral.
  • Attwood was friends with Mendelssohn, who influenced his music.

Attwood Sheet Music Downloads & Further Reading

On we have some arrangements of Thomas Attwood sheet music in PDF format for you to download.

For further information on this composer why not take a look at Wikipedia.

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