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By | February 4, 2022

Achille Simonetti Biography

Achille Simonetti
Achille Simonetti

Achille Simonetti was a leading Italian composer and violinist. We have Simonetti sheet music featured on our site, including several different arrangements of Madrigale.


Achille Simonetti was born in Turin on 12 June 1857. He left his family in Bologna and studied under various musicians including Francesco BianchiEugenio Cavallini, Giuseppe Gamba, Charles Dancla and Camillo Sivori, who himself was Paganini’s only known pupil.


Simonetti travelled to England in 1891 and began his career as a chamber musician. He became a member of the first London Trio with the cellist William Whitehouse and pianist Amina Goodwin.

The London Trio between 1901 and 1912

Achille left the London Trio in 1912 to take up the post of professor of violin at the Royal Irish Academy of Music. During his time there he taught many eminent violinists including Walter Starkie.


Achille Simonetti died aged 71 on 19th November 1928 in London.

Simonetti Sheet Music Downloads and Further Reading

On we have several arrangements of Simonetti sheet music in PDF format for you to choose from.

Read more about this composer at Wikipedia

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