Classical Sheet Music Update – 12th September 2021

Hello Music-Scores! Hope you are all keeping well and musical! Here in the UK we’re fully into September now and enjoying some late summer sun helping to ripen the hedgerow fruits such as blackberries and damsons. This week we have another of Anne’s arrangements of the traditional shanty Shenandoah. This one’s for Solo Viola so do give it a… Read More »

Pernambuco Sheet Music

Pernambuco Sheet Music and Biography Joao Pernambuco (born 2 Nov 1883) was a Brazilian guitarist and composer. He wrote a combination of waltzes, choros, and toadas (melodies), composing over one hundred pieces. His compositions include Luar do Sertão, Magoado and Pó de Mico. However, his choro Sons de Carilhôes (Sound of Bells) is known and played by guitarists around the world. We… Read More »

Pergolesi Sheet Music

Pergolesi Sheet Music and Biography Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (born 4 Jan 1710) was an Italian Baroque composer. His works extend from sacred music, operas, orchestral, to chamber music. His most famous works include Stabat Mater and the opera La serva padrona (The Maid Turned Mistress). We have a selection of Pergolesi sheet music including Stabat Mater arranged for… Read More »

Classical Sheet Music Update – 3rd September 2021

Hello again Music-Scorers! Welcome to the first of our September classical sheet music updates. This week Anne has added a couple of arrangements of the lovely traditional piece Shenandoah. Anne tells us that the piece could have been a song of a fur trader who was in love with the daughter of a Native American chief named Shenandoah… Read More »

Parry Sheet Music

Parry Sheet Music and Biography Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (born 27 Feb 1848) was an English composer, historian of music, and teacher. On we have a few arrangements of the Parry sheet music Jerusalem which he is famous for composing. This piece is often referred to as the second British national anthem. Life and Career Parry… Read More »

Paradies Sheet Music and Biography

Paradies PD Sheet Music Paradies Sheet Music and Biography Pietro Domenico Paradies was born in Naples in 1707. He was an Italian harpsichordist and composer of the eighteenth century. However, he spent much of his career in London. We have Paradies sheet music on Music-Scores com his for Toccata Career Paradies moved to Venice in 1739 in order to… Read More »

Classical Sheet Music Update – 27 August 2021

Hello Music-Scorers! Here’s our latest classical sheet music update for you. We are nearing the end of the month and hope this post finds you all well. This week we have two more new arrangements of The Last Rose of Summer for solo instruments for you – Trumpet and Tenor Sax. If you want to listen to the vocal version there… Read More »

Paradis Sheet Music

Paradis MT Sheet Music and Biography Maria Theresia von Paradis (also spelt Paradies) was born in Vienna on 15 May 1759. She became blind from around the age of three. She wrote a number of solo piano works, keyboard music and vocal pieces along with cantatas and operas. However, she is very much forgotten about today. We have… Read More »

Palestrina Sheet Music

Palestrina Sheet Music and Biography Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (born c1525) was an Italian composer during the Romantic period, born in Palestrina near Rome. He wrote more than one hundred and five masses and two hundred and fifty motets. His most famous and heavenly mass is ‘Missa Papae Marcelli’. It is still regularly sung in Catholic churches all… Read More »

Classical Sheet Music Update – 20 August 2021

Hello Classical Sheet Music friends! Anne has continued to produce more classical sheet music arrangements of The Last Rose of Summer for solo instruments. This week we’ve published versions for Descant Recorder, Alto Sax, Baritone Sax, Bassoon and French Horn.  Our contributor Klas Krantz has also been busy preparing arrangements of Op.47, No.4 Cadiz by Albeniz. Did you know that… Read More »