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By | January 26, 2024

Classical Sheet Music for Your Wedding 2024

Photo of wedding flowers on a piano
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No matter what the time of year we always have plenty of wedding sheet music available on our site. We know that many of you may be preparing to propose to your special someone this spring. On the other hand, you might be the one who’s about to receive a heartwarming proposal! So, if you’re finding yourself in the early stages of planning your dream wedding day, keep reading.

Explore our vast collection of wedding sheet music on Whether your wedding leans towards a classic or modern theme, and whether you’ve opted for an intimate indoor setting or a picturesque outdoor venue, choosing the ideal music is a crucial decision. Let us be your guide through the different segments of a wedding ceremony, providing recommendations for your significant day. On our website, you can also preview music samples, aiding you in discerning your preferences before engaging in discussions with your musicians, ensuring they have ample time for practice.

Prelude Wedding Sheet Music

These are pieces that are suitable for your musicians to play whilst your guests are assembling ahead of the wedding ceremony.

Processional Wedding Sheet Music

Here we have some perfect wedding sheet music for whoever is walking up the aisle ahead of the ceremony.

Music While You Sign the Register

At this point the ceremony is almost over and your guests can enjoy a musical interlude whilst you get on the important paperwork.

Recessional or Exit Wedding Sheet Music

Some joyful wedding sheet music here as you end the ceremony and get ready to continue the celebrations with your guests as a married couple.


We hope you like our suggestions. There are plenty more wedding sheet music pieces to choose from on the site such as Ave Maria. Do remember that members of can request transpositions for particular instruments. Just contact us in the usual way.

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