Praetorius: Michael. Sheet Music and Biography

By | September 21, 2021

Praetorious Sheet Music

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28 Sept 1571 – 15 Feb 1621

Michael Praetorius (born Michael Schultheiss c.28 September 1571) was a German composer, music theorist and organist.

On music-scores we have an arrangement of Praetorius’s Madrigale for a brass quartet.

Life and Career

He went to the University of Frankfurt an der Oder

Between 1587 and 1590 he held the position of organist of St. Marien Church in Frankfurt then he became the organist for Duke Heinrich Julius of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Following the death of the Duke in 1613 Praetorius retained his position but later combined this with kapellmeister at the court to John George I, Elector of Saxony in Dresden.

His exposure to Italian music during this time influenced the development of his own, resulting in his creation of a variety of music, his most popular being ‘Musae Sioniae’ (nine parts, 1605–10) and in the year of his death ‘Puericinium’.

He died at a relatively young age of forty-nine on 15 February 1621.

Praetorius Sheet Music Downloads and Further Reading

On we have an arrangement of Praetorius’s Madrigale for a brass quartet

For further information on this composer why not take a look at Wikipedia and Britannica.

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