Villoldo Sheet Music

By | May 6, 2021

Villoldo Sheet Music and Biography

Black and White photograph of Ángel Villoldo in his early forties
Ángel Villoldo

Ángel Villoldo was an Argentinian composer, lyricist, and performer who was born in the south of Buenos Aires on 16 February 1861. He contributed to changing the global perception of the Tango.

On music-scores we have numerous arrangements of Villoldo’s Tango El Choclo, also known as Danza Criolla.

Career & Works

Villoldo was a man of many talents who did various jobs to earn a living including circus clown, typographer, and cuarteador (leading horses along tricky pathways and hills). Additionally, he was also a prolific poet writing for many popular magazines in Argentina.

Villoldo received lessons from the composer Ermanno Andolfi, to whom he later dedicated two of his tangos: – El Porteñito and Yunta Brava.

Other significant tangos include Una Fija, La Caprichosa, El Torito, Cuidado con los 50, El Farrista,” Don Pedro’, “Chiflala que va a venir, El Pechador, Soy Tremendo, and Bolada de Aficionado. In addition Villoldo wrote under various pseudonyms; A. Gregorio, Fray Pimiento, Gregorio Giménez, Angel Arroyo and Mario Reguero.

Villoldo was a charismatic performer who told stories whilst singing, often adding his guitar and harmonica too! He recorded his songs on phonographs and records.

In 1903 he wrote one of his most famous pieces El Choclo, which we have on An example of this can be watched below from YouTube.

Villoldo wrote the lyrics for the Tango ‘La morocha’. These simple lyrics were written in haste for the Uruguayan Tango Pianist, Enrique Saborido before setting off on his trip to Europe. Following this La ‘morocha’ became the first popular Tango in Europe.

He unified two of Argentinas national components – The Tango and The Gaucho.

He died at the age of fifty-eight on 14 October 1919.

Villoldo Sheet Music Downloads and Further Reading

On we have over twenty arrangements of Ángel Villoldo Sheet Music all in PDF format.

Take a look at Wikipedia for further information on this composer.

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