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By | May 4, 2021
Tomas Luis de Victoria

Victoria Sheet Music and Biography

Tomas Luis de Victoria (born c.1548) was a composer, organist, singer, and Catholic priest, devoting himself to sacred music. Known to many as one of the best composers of the sixteenth century.

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His works include 44 motets, 21 masses, hymns, psalm setting, four offices of the dead, many Magnificats, and music for Holy Week.

Requiem was his final and most famous piece written in memory of Empress Maria in 1605.


On receiving a grant from King Philip II in 1585 he went to the German College in Rome to prepare for Holy Orders. It is possible he studied with Giovanni da Palestrina, whom he later succeeded as director of music at the Pontifical Roman Seminary. He held two positions at the Seminary and German college. In 1572 he wrote his first book of motets.

He was ordained as a priest in 1574 and a year later became Maestro di Capella at S. Apollinare.

In 1587 King Philip honoured Victoria’s want to return to Spain granting him the position of Chaplain to his sister Dowager Empress Maria (daughter of Charles V). Victoria served her for seventeen years until her death. He received the role of chapelmaster in her will but preferred to remain chapel organist. Victoria was held in high regard and was able to move quite freely, returning to Rome for a couple of years. He died in his early sixties in Madrid.

Victoria Sheet Music Downloads and Further Reading

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For further information on this composer take a look at Wikipedia and Britannica.

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