de Visée Sheet Music

By | October 5, 2020

de Visée Sheet Music and Biography

Robert de Visée Sheet Music
Robert de Visée Sheet Music

Robert de Visée was born in France around 1655. He played a variety of instruments and is recognised more for his performing than his composing.

It is thought his greatest talent was displayed whilst playing the guitar.

We have Suite 9 in D minor for 2 Guitars and Suite in E minor collection for 2 Guitars sheet music available for download.

Although not a great deal is known about his life he did play in the music court of King Louis XIV and Louis XV.

Career and Works

  • Around 1680 he became chamber musician and played for King Louis XIV
  • In 1682 his first book of guitar works were published and the second in 1686
  • In 1709 he gained the post as a singer in the royal chamber
  • 1719 he became Guitar Master of the King’ (Maître de Guitare du Roi) to Louis XV

Robert de Visée died around 1732 – 1733 but again the exact date is unknown.

de Visée Sheet Music Downloads and Further Reading

At we have a few arrangements of Robert de Visée sheet music in PDF format for you to download.

For further information on this composer take a look at Maestros of the Guitar and All Music.

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