Christmas Sheet Music – Reindeer Rampage

By | December 12, 2023

Reindeer Rampage – An Original Composition

Photo by Judith Prins on Unsplash

We don’t often talk about our home grown music but with Christmas approaching now’s a good time to look at Anne’s Reindeer Rampage.

Anne wrote this piece about Santa’s reindeer having some fun before their Christmas work begins.

Eager to share some festive joy, the group decides to sing carols together, their voices filled with enthusiasm. However, a lively debate ensues as they struggle to agree on which carol to sing. Each reindeer passionately supports their favorite tune, creating a playful and cheerful atmosphere. After a spirited exchange of ideas, the reindeer realize that their diverse musical preferences reflect the unique personalities within the group.

In the end, the spirit of camaraderie prevails, and they decide to set aside the carol debate. Instead, they return to their joyful jumping and playing around, creating a merry and carefree scene in the winter wonderland. Their laughter and playful antics blend harmoniously, echoing through the crisp winter air.

With hearts warmed by the shared joy of the season, the reindeer, their spirits high, decide it’s time to head back home to Santa. As they journey back through the snowy landscape, their playful banter and shared laughter continue, creating memories of a delightful day filled with the spirit of togetherness and festive fun.

Anne has made 13 different arrangements of this fun Christmas piece including for piano, saxophone quartet , string quartet, violin, clarinet and brass quartet. All available to download immediately from

Watch and listen to the Darien Adult Chamber Orchestra, Connecticut performing Anne’s music.

Try the piece for yourselves by downloading from then tell us about it.

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