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By | August 26, 2020

Burgmüller, F Sheet Music and Biography

Lithograph of Friedrich Burgmuller's head and shoulders during  his thirties
Johann Friedrich Burgmüller
4 Dec 1806-13 Feb 1874

Johann Friedrich Burgmüller, more commonly known as Friedrich Burgmüller, became a German pianist and composer and was born on 4th December 1806 in to a musical family.

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Friedrich’s father was a music teacher, composer, pianist and became his teacher. His mother was a pianist and singer. He was close to his brother Norbert Burgmüller who was also a composer, conductor and pianist.

Career and Works

After deciding to travel to Paris in 1832, Burgmüller chose to remain there for the rest of his life. He became well known in Paris as a music teacher and internationally for his salon music. His brother was planning to join him in Paris, however, he sadly drowned in an accident. As a consequence, Burgmüller spent some of his time promoting his brother’s music.

He was popular among amateur musicians as the technical challenges in his work proved limited. Friedrich is best known for his three collections for the piano of ‘children etudes’ (teaching pieces. These are still popular as a base for piano teaching today. His most successful of the three was Op. 100: ’25 Études faciles et progressives’ (25 Easy and Progressive Studies), which is for early intermediate students. The remaining two are for more advanced students;- Op. 105 and 109. On music-scores.com we have a number of arrangements of his Op.100 Sheet Music.

Burgmüller’s other compositions include pieces for the ballet, including two contributions to the score of Giselle in 1841.

Despite producing work directed at children he never married or had any children, and he died in Paris on 13th February 1874.

Burgmüller, F Sheet Music Downloads and Further Reading

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For further information take a look at Wikipedia and Naxos.

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