The UK National Anthem

God Save The King Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the ascension of King Charles III, the UK National Anthem has been played a good deal recently. As we look ahead to the coronation some time in the future, Anne has published the sheet music for the UK National Anthem for the first time on music-scores.… Read More »

Music for Peaceful Contemplation

Gentle Music Following the sad news about the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II we thought we would share with you some some of our favourite pieces of gentle music for contemplation  that you can find on our site. Holst. The Planets: 2 Venus Venus, the Bringer of Peace  from the planet suite by Gustav Holst is a sensitive… Read More »

Folk and Traditional Music

Traditional and Folk Music on If you enjoy a sing song or informal music performance at your summer gatherings with family or friends then browse through our selection of folk and traditional music. We have plenty to choose from for old and young alike. Take a look at the suggestions below. Londonderry Air Londonderry Air, also known… Read More »

Film and TV Music

Classical Music used in Film and TV Film and TV music is often based on classical pieces. Sometimes it could be just a few bars an other times an entire piece is featured. We take a quick look at some of them here. Sumer is i-cumen in Sumer is i-cumen in, in modern English “summer has arrived”. It’s… Read More »

Composers Born In August

Classical composers with August birthdays We’ve only a few classical composers born in August featured on They’re from different music periods and each with their own musical style. Read more about each one by clicking through to our blog posts. Claude Debussy – 22 August 1862. Influential French composer. Benjamin Godard – 18 Aug 1849. French violinist… Read More »

History of the Proms

A Brief History of the Proms The World’s Greatest Music Festival The world famous BBC Proms began its 2022 season on 15 July and runs until 10 September at the Royal Albert Hall, London. There are 8 weeks of concerts covering huge variety of genres and appealing to audiences of all ages. You can find out about the… Read More »

Composers Born in July

A selection of classical composers with July birthdays There are a few classical composers born in July. Some of the ones featured on are listed below. They’re from varying music periods and each with their own musical style. According to some modern research babies born in July tend to grow into adults with a more positive and… Read More »

Music For American Independence Day

American Independence Day Music American Independence Day is not far away so we thought we would take a look at the history of a few pieces of patriotic music available on The Star Spangled Banner The first patriotic piece of music that comes to mind for Independence Day is The Star Spangled Banner. Back in 1814 an… Read More »

The Best Classical Music For Summer

Favourite Classical Music For Summer Now the warmer weather and longer days are here we have the best classical music for summer lined up for you. We hope to inspire you to try out some music for summertime that you’ve not played before. Perhaps you have a favourite piece that you’ve enjoyed listening to and would like have… Read More »

Composers Born in June

Discover classical composers with June birthdays There are a few classical composers born in June. Here are some of the ones featured on from different decades, with a mixture of musical styles. Read more about each one by clicking through to our blog posts. Tomaso Albinoni – 8 June 1671. Particularly known for his instrumental music, especially concertos.… Read More »