Parry Sheet Music

Parry Sheet Music and Biography Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (born 27 Feb 1848) was an English composer, historian of music, and teacher. On we have a few arrangements of the Parry sheet music Jerusalem which he is famous for composing. This piece is often referred to as the second British national anthem. Life and Career Parry… Read More »

Paradies Sheet Music and Biography

Paradies PD Sheet Music Paradies Sheet Music and Biography Pietro Domenico Paradies was born in Naples in 1707. He was an Italian harpsichordist and composer of the eighteenth century. However, he spent much of his career in London. We have Paradies sheet music on Music-Scores com his for Toccata Career Paradies moved to Venice in 1739 in order to… Read More »

Paradis Sheet Music

Paradis MT Sheet Music and Biography Maria Theresia von Paradis (also spelt Paradies) was born in Vienna on 15 May 1759. She became blind from around the age of three. She wrote a number of solo piano works, keyboard music and vocal pieces along with cantatas and operas. However, she is very much forgotten about today. We have… Read More »

Palestrina Sheet Music

Palestrina Sheet Music and Biography Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (born c1525) was an Italian composer during the Romantic period, born in Palestrina near Rome. He wrote more than one hundred and five masses and two hundred and fifty motets. His most famous and heavenly mass is ‘Missa Papae Marcelli’. It is still regularly sung in Catholic churches all… Read More »

Nielsen Sheet Music

Nielsen Sheet Music and Biography Carl Nielsen (born 9 June 1865) is probably the most famous Danish composer who ever lived. His symphony No.4, ‘The inextinguishable’ is one of his most played works. We have a small selection of arrangements of his work Fog is Lifting arranged for different instruments on For many years he was on… Read More »

Mussorgsky Sheet Music

Mussorgsky Sheet Music and Biography Modest Mussorgsky is a famous Russian composer from the nineteenth century. He was a member of The Five or also known as The Russian Five. He is famous for his opera ‘Boris Godunov’ and songs and piano pieces from Pictures from an Exhibition. His music reflected a Romantic but unique Russian musical identity.… Read More »

Mouret Sheet Music

Mouret Sheet Music and Biography Jean-Joseph Mouret (born 6 April 1682) was one of the leading French advocates of French Baroque music. We have a large selection of Mouret’s Bridal Fanfare sheet music arranged for different instruments on We have over thirty arrangements of various instrumental versions of Jean-Joseph Mouret sheet music. Mouret’s most famous and pretty… Read More »

Monti Sheet Music

Monti Sheet Music and Biography Vittorio Monti (born 6 January 1868) is a famous Italian composer, violinist, and conductor. He is best known for the Hungarian dance Czardas, which is still loved by audiences today. It is a contrast between slow and passionate, fast and light, which makes this showpiece great fun to play. Many gypsy orchestras around… Read More »

MacDowell Sheet Music

MacDowell Sheet Music and Biography Edward MacDowell (born 18 December 1860) was an American composer and pianist. His most famous suites were Woodland Sketches, Sea Pieces, and New England Idyls and his most famous piano piece was ‘To A Wild Rose’ from Woodland Sketches’. MacDowell also composed four sonatas, two orchestral suites including two piano concertos and a large… Read More »

Mascagni Sheet Music

Mascagni Sheet Music and Biography Pietro Mascagni is a famous Italian operatic composer born on 7 December 1863. He is best-known for his masterpiece Cavalleria Rusticana (and also his full head of hair!). Take at look at our sheet music collection of Pietro Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana: Easter Hymn and Intermezzo on our site. We have thirty arrangements of… Read More »