Schumann: Robert. Sheet Music and Biography

Introduction: Robert Schumann was a German romantic composer known for his piano and orchestral music and songs. His music often represented the different sides to his personality. He was born to wealthy parents Johanna Christiane Schnabel and August Schumann – a bookseller and publisher. Early Life: Schumann started studying the piano aged six. Aged seventeen he was became… Read More »

Peterson-Berger: Wilhelm. Sheet Music and Biography

Peterson-Berger Sheet Music Wilhelm Peterson-Berger was a famous Swedish composer and music critic born on 27 February 1867. His most famous collection of works is Frösöblomster (‘Flowers of Frösö’) which he wrote to ‘appeal to the masses’. We have a selection of his works arranged for different instruments on Early Life Peterson-Berger’s mother was an established piano player… Read More »

Vecsey: Franz von: Sheet Music and Biography

Vecsey Sheet Music Franz von Vecsey was a classical Hungarian virtuoso violinist and composer, born at the end of the nineteenth century on 23 March 1893. Early Life & Career He came from a musical background his uncle being a famous violinist and his father his initial teacher. At the age of eight, Jeno Hubay took over his… Read More »

Heller: Stephen. Sheet Music and Biography

Heller Sheet Music Stephen Heller was born in Pest, Hungary in 1815. He demonstrated musical talent from a very early age and had been destined for a legal career but chose music. We have just one piece of his for you to download on our site, Avalanche. Life and Career By the age of nine, his father sent… Read More »

Gade: Niels Wilhelm. Sheet Music and Biography

Gade Sheet Music Niels Gade was a Danish composer born on 22nd February 1817. Though he did not achieve the fame of Felix Mendelssohn or Robert Schumann, he is still regarded as one of the most important Danish musicians of his day. Sheet music featured on our site includes Aquarellen, Op.19, No.8 Intermezzo, and a variety of arrangements of… Read More »

Hummel: Johann Nepomuk. Sheet Music and Biography

Hummel Sheet Music Johann Nepomuk Hummel was an Austrian composer and virtuoso pianist. He delighted audiences as a pianist wherever he went, but he is best known today as a composer for the trumpet.  His music reflects the transition from the Classical to the Romantic musical era. Take a look at his Trumpet Concerto in Eb 1st Movement. Life… Read More »

Godard: Benjamin. Sheet Music and Biography

Godard Sheet Music Benjamin Godard isn’t a composer who immediately springs to mind compared to the likes of Beethoven, Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, George Frideric Handel, etc. However, when you look into this talented gentleman he certainly wasn’t a one-hit wonder! Godard pieces featured on our site include Op.116a Allegretto, Berceuse from Jocelyn and Op.116b Idylle. Influenced… Read More »

Schubert: Franz. Sheet Music and Biography

Schubert Sheet Music Franz Schubert was an amazing Austrian composer who died at the very young age of just thirty-one. Popular Schubert sheet music featured on our site includes Ave Maria, Pastorale from D946, and the Winterreise song cycle starting with Gute Nacht. Despite his early years, he produced a huge array of works. This included over six… Read More »

Brahms: Johannes. Sheet Music and Biography

Brahms Sheet Music Johannes Brahms was a German composer and pianist, born in Hamburg on 7th May 1833.  Such was his presence that he is often grouped with Bach and Beethoven to be known as the ‘Three B’s’ We have several of the original version of his popular Lullaby along with various arrangements. Hungarian Dance No. 5 is… Read More »