Recently Added Sheet Music – 17 July 2020 (Anne Christopherson)

By | July 24, 2020

Hello Music-Scorers!

I hope that you are all safe and well.

Here in England there are a lot of lady birds around in July: Black with red spots, red with black spots, young yellow ones and the black and yellow larvae. They seem to be having a great time and are doing a fabulous job eating blackflies, so Anne has dedicated this song to these cheerful little beetles. It’s a jazzy swing piece and not only has she written it but also created sixteen different arrangements.

Three red ladybirds with black spots on a branch
yellow lady bird with black spots on a strand of grass

The Ladybird Romp by Anne Christopherson

Violin & Piano
Viola & Piano
Tuba & Piano
Trombone & Piano
Oboe & Piano
Cello & Piano
French Horn & Piano
Soprano Saxophone & Piano
Tenor Saxophone & Piano
Trumpet & Piano
Flute & Piano
Euphonium & Piano
Clarinet & Piano
Baritone Saxophone & Piano
Bass Clarinet & Piano
Alto Saxophone & Piano

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