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By | April 22, 2020

Pachelbel Sheet Music and Biography

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Johann Pachelbel (bapt. 1 Sept 1653 bur. 9 March 1706) was a very popular German composer, who also taught the organ. He wrote over five hundred pieces in his lifetime.

His most renowned work was of course Pachelbel Canon in D such is its popularity we have an incredible 93 different instrumental versions on the site!

His mother was Anna Marie Muir and his father, Johann Pachelbel was a wine dealer. He married twice, his first wife died. He had six sons and two daughters.

One of Pachelbel’s most famous pupils was Johann Christoph Bach who subsequently gave his younger brother Johann Sebastian Bach his first formal keyboard lessons.


Pachelbel’s most famous piece Canon and Gigue in D (most commonly known as just Canon in D) was originally written for three violins and continuo. It is one of the most widely played pieces of Baroque music and became popular again in the 1970s when sections of the piece were used in pop songs. It is now one of the most popular pieces played at weddings.

Read more about Canon in D on our blog post.

Just in case you wanted to hear this beautiful piece.

Pachelbel Sheet Music Downloads and Further Reading

On we have almost one hundred downloads for you of Johann Pachelbel’s Sheet Music in PDF format.

For further information on this composer take a look at Wikipedia or Britannica.

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