Recently Added Sheet Music – 27 April 2018

By | April 30, 2018

This week Anne has added 32 new arrangements which include arrangements from  Elgar, Dvorak, Corette (5),  Beethoven (7),  Bach (7),  Adam (3) and Albéniz (8)

As we have recently uploaded 14 arrangements of Albéniz’s Op. 47, no.3 Sevilla I thought I would give you with a brief history of the piece.  If you can’t quite place it in your mind here’s a YouTube video to give you a quick reminder.

Sevilla is part of Albéniz’s Suite Espanola which was originally written for the piano and consisted of 4 pieces of work associated with different regions of Spain: Granada, Cataluña, Sevilla and Cuba.  The music was relevant to the dances identified from that particular region.  Sevilla was famous for the Sevillanas which is a type of folk music and dance.  It is a positive, colourful and exciting style of song and dance, however it is not a flamenco despite often being performed today by flamenco artists who perform it with a special flamenco touch.

After Albeniz death in 1909 the editor Hofmeister republished the Suite Espanola adding the four additional regions of; Cádiz, Asturias, Aragón and Castilla.   These pieces did not provide a true reflection of the associated regions but despite its deceptive origins the Suite Espanola is one of the most performed of Albéniz’s piano works. So why not have a try and find a friend who will dance along?

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