Minuet No 7 from A Little Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, which was a collection of domestic pieces Bach made for his wife and family. Arranged for Oboe and Piano.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  3   |   Genre: Weddings  |  

Arabesque, arranged for oboe and piano. Crisp timing.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  3   |   Genre: Repertoire  |  

Infant Holy, Infant Lowly is a Polish carol, a Koledy, which may date back to the 13th century. Its rhythm is likened to a polonaise, so loved by Chopin. This arrangement is for Oboe with Piano accompaniment. Duration 1 minute.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  3   |   Genre: Christmas  |  

Gounod so admired Bach as a composer that he wrote this beautiful melody above the 1st Prelude Book 1. Arranged for oboe and piano

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  3   |   Genre: Weddings  |  

Fughette: a simple little 3 voiced fugue for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon.

Type: Original:   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  3   |   Genre: Weddings  |  

Serenade. Famous Andante Cantabile 2nd movement of the F major Quartet, for Oboe and Bassoon duo. Research shows that this may in fact have been written by Roman Hoffstetter.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  3   |   Genre:   |  

Air in D minor from The Double Dealer, which was a comic play by William Congreve, with music by Purcell. This beautiful little Air was originally for keyboard, but here it is arranged for Oboe and Piano.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  3   |   Genre: Weddings  |  

Lilliburlero arranged for oboe and piano, from A Collection of Ayres Composed for the Theatre, is an early Ballade. This is well known on World Service radio.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  3   |   Genre: Recital  |  Non-Members: Free Printing

Romanza Espanol, or Spanish Romance, a beautiful and well known guitar piece arranged as a duo for Oboe and Piano.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  3   |   Genre: weddings  |  

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