Terms of Usage of Music-Scores Material

All music on this site is from composers whose works are in the public domain, or published with the permission of the composer or small extracts for evaluation and study.

Music-Scores have added significant intellectual input in the form of layout, typesetting, format, interpretation, arrangement, programming, technical, processing and similar activities in preparing the sheet music and construction of this site. As such, the material available on this site may not be used without the express permission of Music-Scores by any commercial, profit or non profit organisation, company or individual. Sound files are for personal use only and may not be republished in any way.

Permission is granted for the following uses only:

Downloads and copying by private individuals for their own personal use at home, school, study or exam.

Performances at schools, bands, ensembles, church and small concerts where no charge is made or where any funds raised are for charitable or fund raising events only.

This permission expressly excludes professional performances. We are happy to provide written proof of purchase and permission to perform for our members, or single item purchasers, if they need to produce evidence for examiners or musical judges.

Websites and other media:

You may not use our Midi, MP3, graphic, Scorch or PDF files as content on your websites.

You may not link directly to any of our Midi, MP3, graphic, Scorch or PDF files.

You can freely link to our index or composer pages, we are happy to consider reciprocal links.

Music-Scores claims protection from the international copyright acts for all its works and output. We are happy to discuss any of the above issues, if you are in any doubt please contact us first to ensure that no misunderstandings arise.