Alto Flute
Flower Duet from Lakme arranged as a duo for unaccompanied Flute and Alto Flute. Also known as the music for an advert for a famous airline.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  7   |   Genre: Weddings  |  

Death or Glory: Famous march dedicated to the 10th Regiment Band in Albany, NY. Arranged for flute choir of 4 Flutes and Alto Flute.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  6   |   Genre: March  |  

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba: the Sinfonia from the oratorio, Solomon, arranged for 2 Flutes, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet. Contains an alternative part for the Alto Flute instead of Flute 2.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  8   |   Genre: Weddings  |  

Happy Birthday, a basic version for Concert Band.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  3   |   Genre: Birthdays  |  

El Choclo, or Danza Criolla. Tango: duo for Flute and Alto Flute. Concert pitch Dmi-Dma, transposed Gmi-ma for Flute, Cmi-ma for Alto Flute. 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Type: Arrangement   |  Skill Level (1 - 9):  7   |   Genre: Tango  |  

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