Tejada: Miguel Lerdo de: 29 Sept 1869 – 25 May 1941

By | April 13, 2021

Short Bio

Miguel Lerdo de Tejada is most likely the first popular Mexican composer. He also played the piano.

His repetoire consists of arrangements of traditional songs as well as original works. He produced light classical music.

He studied in Morelia and Mexico City.

At the age of thirty two in 1901 until 1941 he was director of the Lerdo de Tejada Typical Orchestra. It is known today as the Typical Orchestra of Mexico City.

Tejada performed and toured with his own group around the US, Cuba and South America throughout his life until his death.

Further Reading & Musical Downloads

On music-scores.com we have a few arrangements of Miguel Lerdo de Tejada Consentida Sheet Music.

Further information on this composer can be found on Wikipedia, however little information is available. Be careful when searching, there is a Mexican statesman by the same name.

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