Sitting in a coffee shop … listening to classical music

By | January 29, 2018

Last week I was sat drinking a medium soya latte (in my new recyclable Costa cup!) in Cafe Nero people watching.  In the background, there were the relaxing sounds of classical music. The ambiance was dare I say arty, civilised… overall just very pleasant.  I am not sure that everyone was aware of the music playing as they went about their business on their laptops, phones, meetings, etc but I am sure the effect was definitely a positive one.  I am now going to look at the competition and compare, otherwise, I will be inclined to return to the coffee oasis of Cafe Nero.

.. But this got me thinking; are there other areas of our daily lives in which classical music could be played?  Then this article caught my eye.

Due to an innocent error made by a train conductor in Japan who played classical music through his announcement speaker, an experiment is now taking place from today to play classical music in the background on their 13000 series trains.  Maybe this could be introduced throughout the world? (However, I do appreciate that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea or in my case coffee…)..

  • Other companies that have hit on the benefits of playing classical music include McDonalds who aim to discourage anti-social behaviour in their restaurants at nights.
  • Studies have also suggested playing classical music such as Beethoven and Mozart to children boosts their concentration and self-discipline. However, I am not sure how that would go down with the kids at school?…

Do you have any experiences of when classical music has worked or not in a particular situation… do you see it as a benefit?

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