Recently Added Sheet Music – 8 June 2018 (Ballet: Coppelia)

By | June 12, 2018

This week Anne has added two new arrangements to the site by
Delibes: Czardas: The Hungarian Dance from Coppelia.  Both pieces are for the piano with different skill levels:

Piano – Easy

Piano – Moderate

Coppelia translated means the girl with the enamel eyes and is a comical ballet which was originally choreographed to the music of Leo Delibes.

The plot is set around Dr. Coppelius who creates a life size mechanical doll called Coppelia which is so realistic that a local boy Franz becomes mesmerized  with it at the expense of his girlfriend, Swanhilda whom he plans to marry.  However,  Swanhilda and her friends break into Dr Coppelius’s house and discover that Coppelia is nothing but a doll.  Unfortunately Dr. Coppelia returns and furiously chases the girls out of the house but Swanhilda hides remains hidden behind curtain.

Whilst this is happening Franz has taken a ladder to climb to the window where Copellia sits.  Dr. Coppelius invites him in and drugs him and with the intention of taking his soul and performing a spell to bring Coppelia to life.

Swanhilda meanwhile dresses up as Coppelia and wakes Franz up and winds up all the mechanical dolls to help with their to escape.

Dr Coppelius angrily appears at Swanhilda and Franz’s wedding claiming damages.  Swanhilda offers his her dowry but the mayor takes charge and gives Dr. Coppelius a bag of money.

The ballet ends in a celebration of dancing.






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