Recently Added Sheet Music – 16 August 2019 (& The Carillon)

By | August 19, 2019

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I have just returned from a couple of weeks in Europe (Belgium, Holland and France). Whilst visiting the Flanders Museum in Ypres, Belgium I came across a guy playing the bells via a type of organ .. called a Carillon.

Extract from Flanders Museum Website: Playing the carillon, the heaviest of all instruments (some weigh in excess of 20 tonnes), requires great timing and skill. The carillonneur uses his fists and feet to produce a tune on the carillon ‘keyboard’—a series of levers and pedals physically connected to clappers inside the stationary bells. The player’s movements are only slightly more elaborate than those of a typical pianist, but the amplified results are nothing short of epic, producing vibrations that demand instant attention. If you are interested there is more information on their website

Anyway back to our recently added sheet music. This week we have 7 new arrangements on Music Scores. Five of these have been arranged by Anne and two by D Lascelles.

Strauss R: Di Rigori Armatoarranged by D Lascelles
French Horn Trio

Cavalli: Amara Servitu from La Calistoarranged by D Lascelles
French Horn Quartet

Elgar: Land of Hope and Glory
Clarinet Quartet

Parry: JerusalemAnd did those Feet in Ancient Time: words by William Blake. A Proms favourite for 2 Violins, Viola and Cello.
String Quartet

Gottschalk: Oh ma charmante, epargnez moi
Wind Quartet
Clarinet Quartet
We now have fifteen different arrangements of this piece – why not take a look on our website to see if one suits you

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