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We have a special first visit page that shows you how to use the site, use this page if you are new and ensure you have the right free programs to download and listen to our music.

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Our sheet music is professionally prepared on state of the art Notation software. From this we generate the Midi, MP3, Graphic and PDF files for download. Depending on the complexity of the music, each piece can take up to several days to finish. We pride ourselves on preparing a quality product that meets the exacting standards of musicians.

We have a special first visit page that shows you how to use the site, use this page if you are new and ensure you have the right free programs to download and listen to our music.


General Information


Membership is for 12 months.

Membership Payment Questions

You can pay for membership using the secure online banking facilities at either ClickBank or PayPal via our membership page. We are unable to accept payment by any other method.

If you have any questions about payment then please try our FAQ page. If you are unable to find the answer that you are looking for, then please contact us.

Members Login

Members do not need to login to use our site. You will only need to use your password when downloading any of our sheet music or midi files. The password box can be found in the "Downloads" section of the left sidebar on any of the Listen or Play pages.

Lost Password

Just contact us! Please let us know the email address you used when you signed up or the full name of the person who paid.


The site has been tested and works with the following Browsers - Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla and Opera. If you experience problems then using one of these browsers may solve any issues.

Printing the sheet music

To print out the scores you will need the free Adobe reader program. Many new computers already have this installed. If you do not have the reader installed you can download it from Adobe. Adobe reader is freeware and is commonly used on many sites.

Known problems with Adobe Reader

Very old versions may display the following error: 'A file contains a Bad CMap/Encoding' You will need to upgrade to a later version to access our files.

Printing and paper size

There are different standard sizes for 'letter' or 'A4' around the world, if the margins look too wide or part of the bottom row of a piece is missing then it is simple to correct. Open one of our files in Adobe reader, click on File > Print. Look for an option, sometimes called 'page scaling' and select 'fit to page'; also ensure the paper setting in your printer properties is the same size as the paper used in your printer.

Printer problems?

Some printers have their own individual temperament, Adobe have prepared a list of printers and likely problems. Check under Help in the Adobe Acrobat reader program.

Downloading problems?

Not all computers and programs are instantly compatible with this site so we have prepared a list of easy to fix problems so that you can enjoy all our downloads.

Listening to our files

To play the file click on the play button on the page.

Can't hear the sound file?

Try opening sounds and audio devices in your control panel and check that your volume control is not very low or muted. Then click on the Advanced button in the middle (not the bottom one) of the same section to open the slide controls. Make sure the Midi slide control or the SW Synth slide control is at maximum and also not muted.

If you are using Internet Explorer to view our site, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Multimedia and make sure that the box is checked for "play sounds in webpages".

Members can still download then play the MP3 or Midi file on their computers or use some notation software to import the file. NB midi does not preserve notation formats so it will not display to the standards of our site.

Want to save the sound file?

There are download buttons that will enable you to save the MP3 or Midi files to your hard disk at the side of the listen page (Members only.)

Do you want to mute the main instrument and just play the accompaniment? Try the free karaoke player from vanBasco link below.

Click for a free download!

Get vanBasco's Karaoke Player NOW - totally FREE!

You will be able to play our midi files and mute any instrument you want as well as slowing down the tempo to help you learn the piece.

Free Downloads where are they?

There are 395 free sheet music files overall on the site, they are grouped in our free sheet music section.

Printed Sheet Music

Ordering printed sheet music:

Printed sheet music ordered from Sheet Music Plus is not included in your membership. Order fulfillment and payment processing is handled directly by Sheet Music Plus, we are unable to place orders on your behalf.

Printed sheet music order queries:

Sheet Music Plus have a help page for general queries about shipping, returns and payment options.

If you have placed an order for printed sheet music and wish to make an enquiry, please contact Sheet Music Plus directly.