Please reconsider!

We know what it is like to count every penny.

The cost may seem a lot of money especially if you are a student and there is the chance of finding a scanned copy somewhere else on the internet. Of course you have looked, and maybe groaned when once again you find a site that seems to offer so much, only to find it is another dead end!

Consider again what we are offering - it is not just the downloading of the sheet music but also the midi file that plays back exactly the same notes, with expression. Think how much your skills will improve by knowing how the work should sound. This alone will enable you to get much better value out of music lessons for your instrument!

No credit card? Isn't that what parents / relatives are for!! If they can see you are serious and want to learn and use this site, then the cost is very small compared with new sheet music, extra lessons and an expensive instrument that is not getting its full use. A far better birthday present than another pair of socks!

Please reconsider!

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