The Sunday Times (United Kingdom) recently wrote about us [January 2008]. Look & Learn and Bryan Appleyard.

I have just purchased and downloaded 'Kol Nidrei' (Bruch) for cello and piano. What a bargain and how easy to download! I am most impressed with your service and will certainly be using it again. Thank you very much indeed!


I have a beginner violinst (age 11, this is her 2nd year playing) She discovered your website and it gave her such enthusiasm. She loves the violin already and to see that there is so much out there that she is capable of doing beside basic scales and mary had a little lamb made her all the more excited. I just wanted to say thank you so much.


Anne - thank you SOOO much.    Especially for putting the Vivaldi in a simple key for both the C instruments and the Bb's.   Just reinforces that I never want to take up the violin if they routinely have to play pieces in 4#'s! 

Our next concert is St Patty's day (next Thurs) at the Ronald McDonald House in Charleston, and we'll play the Giga in that.  And our next show in April is during an outdoor Sculpture Exhibition that will be going on in our community, a collaboration between the Gibbes (the major) Art Museum of Charleston, the College of Charleston (whose students are creating the sculpture), and the I'On Trust, our non-profit that sponsors our winds quartet to bring free music to our area.  

Like I've said before, my group truly enjoys your arrangements - Londonderry Air is one of our favorites.  It's just masterfully done. 

Thank you again! Cynthia R

Charleston, SC

I accidentally came across your web site about 3 hours ago. I cannot believe the time I have spent here reading music while listening to it being played. What a fantastic site. I have added it to my favorites and will be here often. As a classical pianist it is difficult to find many of those I learned while climbing the difficult ladder. Please add Finlandia by Sibelius to your printable music. It is my all time favorite selection to play. By the way, it is now 3:30 in the morning. I was having such a marvelous time I didn't realize the time.


These are just a small selection of recent emails!

I'm a Costa Rican piano student, and would like to say thank you for creating this marvelous page. It inspires me to continue my piano lessons at a more professional level.


I was in a pinch to find 12 days of Christmas music for a big dinner party tonight. I thought the musician would have it and he did not. I came on here and it was a tremendous relief to find it and find it for a free download.

I am very appreciative of your service.

thank you very much

Pastor Scott Stolte

Hi Anne,

You provide an amazing service! I just logged onto the music-scores.com website and saw the new arrangement of Ave Maria for soprano, flute and cello. Not only did you complete this arrangement for me in record time, I am able to hear what the arrangement sounds like before I even meet with the other musicians.

Thank you so much!


I just had to email to let you know how wonderful I think your site is. The feature which allows me to watch the sheet music as the song is played is absolutely wonderful. I can really examine the music that I am hearing, and being able to transpose it or change the tempo is an amazing feature. That is really one of the coolest things I have seen in a very long time, and your website has inspired me to pursue some very challenging piano pieces. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource, and I look forward to becoming a paying member within the next couple of days. Bravo for such an amazing service!
-Will Wooten

Your site is really good, it was taking me FOREVER to find certain compositions until i found your site!!! thank you for making it so simple and easy to use, as well as actually having good music on it...
from caroline

Dear Music-Scores.com,
Your site really helps me understand my music more. I can hear what I play! Well, I was just wondering if you could enter Serge Prokofiev as one of your composers. I play a lot of his music. Thank you for you time.
- A Happy Musician

I think this is a great site and would love to join/enrol/enlist ---? But I can't find out how to do it!!! Quite exceptionally, I find myself complaining that I can't find out how to sign on!!I'd really appreciate a reply telling me how - there are lots of goodies there that I can't get my hands on. Just shows -- you can be TOO modest.
Adrianne Astbury

[Note - Adrianne joined 5 minutes later!]

This is a great site, my son who is 10 and plays the piano has been on it for hours....peace & quiet for me!!


These are just a small selection of recent emails!

EXCELLENT SITE! I play piano and Im a huge fan of Chopin. I think its excellent being able to view such a selection of masterpieces. Its a great aid in choosing the good pieces of music to learn. Sibelius scorch is also an excellent tool in perfecting and learning the hard bits.
Thanks for many hours of entertainment.
Andreas, 16 yrs old

I've been coming this site frequently since I discovered it about 3 years ago. I'm glad to see how much it has progressed and gained popularity. I thank this website to my highly improved piano skills over the past couple of years. Even though it's not completely free anymore, this definitely has to be the best website for free sheet music and downloads. 24$ is well worth it for an annual membership! I totally understand how so much bandwidth can be really costly. Please always keep this great site up and running! Thanks!


It is difficult to find sheet music here in Jamaica (West Indies). I just wish to say thanks for this site and what you offer.


Downloaded Golliwog clarinet and Moonlight cello this morning and would like to compliment you on the functionality and efficiency of your web site. Brilliantly executed.

Most music web sites drive me nuts.

John Nichols

This web-site is really cool since I'm a musician myself. I play flute and piccolo and im the best player in my school. I tried to play some of your music and some of it is really easy and some are kinda hard like the grade 9 one I'm not really at that level yet, I probably could go up to grade 7 or 8. I really like your web-site and I hope you add more music scores to the list. If you want to know my age its 13/m/ca. thank you!!!!


I just signed up today.
As a website manager, I always look for well laid out and easy to use websites.
You guys have a great site. It's very functional. I like the way you've listed music by instrument and by skill level. Also allowing user to download score + listen to it at the same time is great.

Jaishree Knauff

I appreciate your site very much after getting to know it! I wish you all the best with it for the future and I am glad that I am a member!
Best wishes
Eva Aronson

I subscribed to your service last year and have LOVED it, hope to send others
to you. Regards, Cheryl Sosebee

Regards ( and thank you for the many hours I spend on your site getting ideas for the children in my care and their musical experiences.)


These are just a small selection of recent emails!