Parasite Detector

If you have downloaded free software you may not be aware that it often comes with a sting! The good news is the software is normally safe, providing you have good uptodate virus protection, but the bad news is that often the software you downloaded came with some unwanted extras!

Have you noticed that there are more pop up ads or strange offers appearing in little boxes?

Do you know that wherever you go on the web you may be monitored?

So what's going on?

Well the software you downloaded may come with a suite of extra programs that you are not told about, they can be 'shopping programs' or simple spyware. Even if you have deleted the original program from your disk, you will still have the other programs installed (and running) on your computer.

This page detects some these little 'nasties' - a list of them is below.



If nothing appears between the lines above then congratulations you are parasite free! (However this scipt cannot detect all of them.) If you get a list it will tell you more about the little bugs you have.

If you want to know more or remove them for free then is an ideal starting point. You can download its free Ad-aware (Standard Edition) program to disinfect your system.

Happy Bug Hunting!!