Hughie Cannon: 9 April 1877 – 17 June 1912

By | September 4, 2020


Hughie Cannon was an American songwriter and pianist. He was born in Detroit and died in Ohio aged just thirty five. He was famous for his ragtime music.

Career & Works

Bill Bailey: Voice by Cannon

In the 1890’s Cannon performed with the Barlow’s Minstrels as a singer, dancer and played the piano. In 1902 he wrote his most famous piece ‘Bill Bailey Wont you Please Come Home’. This song originated from a meeting with Bill Bailey in a bar in Michigan where Cannon worked as a pianist. Here Cannon got talking to the performer and Bill talked freely to him about his marriage and life and this inspired Cannon to write the song. Bailey showed his wife who was apparently not amused! Have a listen to the words and you might see why…

In 1904 he wrote his second most popular song; ‘He Done Me Wrong’ for the musical ‘Frankie and Johnny’.

Other songs written by Cannon include:
‘For Lawdy Sakes, Feed My Dog;’ ‘I Hates To Get Up Early In The Morning’, ‘Possom Pie’; ‘Just Because She Made Dem Goo-Goo Eyes’; and ‘You Needn’t Come Home.’

He died at the young age of thirty five from cirrhosis of the liver. Alcohol seemed to be his worst enemy. He died penniless after selling off all the rights to his songs.

Further Reading & Downloads

On we have a download of Hughie Cannon’s piece Bill Bailey  For further information take a look at Wikipedia.

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