Giulio Caccini: 8 Oct 1551 – 10 Dec 1618

By | September 3, 2020


Ave Maria: Voice and Baritone Sax by Caccini

Also known as Giulio Romano, he was an Italian composer, singer and teacher. His own father was a carpenter. However, Caccini was father to the composer Francesca Caccini and the singer Settimia Caccini.

Caccini was closely associated with a Florentine Group who produced the very earliest operas at the end of the sixteenth century. He was also a huge influence of the new Baroque style.

Here is Caccini’s Ave Maria sung beautifully:

Further Reading & Downloads

On we have four arrangements of Caccini’s Ave Maria.  For further information take a look at Wikipedia and Britannica.

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