Thomas Bateson: c1570 – 1630

By | July 28, 2020

Thomas Bateson was an English organist and writer of madrigals, which has given him a place amongst Elizabethan composers.

In 1599 he is said to have become the organist of Chester Cathedral and been the first musical graduate of Trinity College, Dublin. Between 1609 until his death he served as Vicar Choral and organist of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.

‘Holy, Lord God Almighty’ is the only piece of Bateson’s church music that has survived, it is a seven voice composition. He also published a set of madrigals in 1604 and in 1618.

Further Reading & Downloads

On we have a few downloads for you of Thomas Bateson’s ‘If Love be Blind‘, which is an old English madrigal. For further information on Bateson take a look at Wikipedia.

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