Luigi Boccherini: 19 Feb 1743 – 28 May 1805

By | July 29, 2020


Head and shouldner of Luigi Boccherini drawn in pencil

Luigi Boccherini was an Italian composer and cellist. His family were musical – his father a cellist and double bass player, and his uncle a poet and dancer who wrote libretto’s for Joseph Haydn and Antonio Salieri. At the age of five Luigi’s father started teaching him the cello.

Bizet created approximately five hundred works which included symphonies, concerti and sacred music.

His most famous works are a minuet from his String Quartet in E, Op.11 No.5 G 275), and the Cello Concerto in B flat major (G 482). The G numbers refer to the Gérard catalogue published in 1968.

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