Johann Ernst Altenburg: 15 June 1734 – 14 May 1801

By | July 17, 2020


Johann Altenburg was a German, trumpeter and organist. His father was a field trumpeter. He is well-known for his six harpsichord sonatas and Concerto for seven trumpets.

In 1795 Altenburg published Versuch einer Anleitung zur heroisch-musikalischen Trompeter- und Paukerkunst (An Essay on the Introduction to Heroic and Musical Trumpeters’ and Kettledrummers’ Art) (Halle), this enabled him to achieve his place within the music world. He collated all there was to know about the trumpet at that time.


Concerto in D Major for 7 Trumpets

Further Reading & Musical Downloads

On we have a few downloads for you of Johann Altenburg’s Concerto. For further information take a look at Wikipedia.

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